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The remainder of this article contains lore created collaboratively by the Blaseball community.

The splort of Blaseball has in a short time become a huge subject of media attention, with a rapid proliferation of magazine columns, radio shows, and print books contributing to its instant adoption as the world’s keystone splort. This broader field is referred to as Blaseball Media. As of mid-2020, the field was undergoing unprecended expansion correlating to the explosive popularity of the splort.

Print periodicals


Broadcast television

  • Canadian Corporation for Broadcasting (CCB) - Canada’s federally funded, national broadcaster. Anchor Peter Bridgemans of primetime news program The Nationale was one of the country’s first and biggest Blaseball boosters.
  • The Moody Cookbook, a daytime television show staring Moody Cookbook, of the Hades Tigers.
  • Eternal Sports Transmission Network or ESTN

Radio shows

  • Blaseball Radio, an internet broadcast.
  • Radio Free Blaseball
  • Blases Loaded!
  • What’s Inside the Book?
  • Diamond of Shame with John Diamond
  • Howard Stick’s Player’s Corner


News outlets

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Blaseball Associations

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