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Hey Blaseball fans,

Welcome to a new Era, both for Blaseball and the Wiki. We have a few announcements to make about how the Blaseball Wiki will operate in the coming Seasons.

First of all, the Wiki team is taking a step back from being the primary recordkeeping organizers of Blaseball. In previous Seasons, we would spend every week chaotically working together to ensure every decree, new players, and every change period was recorded for posterity. It may have seemed like this was automated, or it may have seemed like this was the undertaking of many people, but our core team is now five people. As you may imagine, our entire team is burnt out. If the new Era is to be documented, it must be done by you. This is a free encyclopedia that anybody can edit. Sign up for an account and get started.

On a similar note, our moderation actions are going to be a whole lot slower and less able to seek consensus for any conflicts that may arise. It is difficult to convey how much emotional labor the Wiki team undertook in the previous Era of Blaseball. On more than a few occasions, we've had to moderate Discord discussions between the whole fandoms of different teams, hearing their concerns and attempting to find a solution that was amenable to as many people as possible. More recently, we have been asked to moderate fundamental schisms over what does and does not qualify as offensive. This is not sustainable, particularly since we're volunteers. We will do our best to address anything brought to our direct attention, but there are still some ongoing conflicts that have not been fully resolved. We cannot continue with how we've operated in the Discipline Era, so please adjust any expectations.

We have had major personnel changes in the Wiki team: please give our long-time administrator Nesbitt a fond farewell, and welcome Alter Eagle as a newer moderator. We would still like to call for more help, however, so please DM risky#9552 on Discord if you would like to join the Blaseball moderation team.

Thank you for reading. We'll end this message with a few personal notes from some members of the team.

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