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1,423 articles. 40,513 logged edits. ~500,000 monthly visitors. 657,604 words typed.

All living at a new URL. Welcome to the new home of the Blaseball Wiki. We're thrilled you came!

Today, we are opening this wiki to the public. This website is now considered the master copy of the Blaseball Wiki. Any and all changes to the Blaseball record belong here.

Paradoxically, there is both a lot and very little to discuss about the public opening, so let's get right into it.

Previous edits to and split from Fandom

This last weekend, we performed the final automatic migration from Fandom. This means two things. One, if you made an account or edits to this website before Saturday, November 28, 2020, you will need to make a new account, and your edits are no longer present. That was a sandbox wiki, and we have hidden it from view to make it our development environment.

Two, the migration from Fandom took place midday on Saturday. If you made any edits after that, they will not be transferred by us. You will have to manually transfer your edits, and we'll be helping facilitate that. Reach out to us on Twitter or Discord for more information.

Claiming usernames and edit histories from Fandom

If you edited the Fandom wiki and you wish to claim your username or edit history, we can do that for you. We have set up a specific forum for this very thing. Make a new account with a new username, then visit our Username Migration forum to make a post. You will be asked to verify your old Fandom username, after which you can claim your old username and history, or pick a new username.

Updated Guides for Talk pages

One of the major features of this wiki is a threaded conversation system for Talk pages. To help users make the transition, we've written an updated guide at Help:Editing_101/Talk_Pages. One specific change we have made to the Talk Page guide is guidance on how much to post to the discussion. Previously, many users would just post their entire entries and wait for feedback. Doing that here will bloat the page very quickly. Instead, contributors need to bring a basic outline and then drill down into detailed conversation should there be feedback. If you really want to bring a fully written page to the conversation, please use Google Docs or Pastebin or a similar text sharing service.

The other Editing Guides still largely refer to Fandom software. We'll be updating those over the coming weeks. In the mean time, take a look at these two guides from Wikipedia. We are now using the same editing software they are, so these guides will help show you the ropes of the modern wiki editor.

Lingering Bugs

This wiki is no longer in beta, but you may still experience bugs, particularly related to read or write access. MediaWiki is a highly granular system, and we're still learning the ropes of how to dole out access. If you are having unexpected issues, please contact us to get it sorted out.

What Next?

Great question! We have a lot of things we know we need to resolve, things we want to improve, and pipe dream features and projects we might get to, time and resources permitting. Here's a list below, in no particular order.

Projects on the way

  • Updated guides for this new wiki
  • Style Guide 2.0
  • Update guidance and structure for the Interdimensional Rumor Mill
  • System/guide for Featured Articles
  • Additional automation

Projects that will take much longer

  • New gallery tagging system to make fan art uploads easier and more natural
  • Working with SIBR to add their knowledge to this wiki
  • Additional customization features for the IRM

You might also be asking what will happen to the Fandom wiki. We covered this in a previous announcement, but our plan remains to let the wiki fall out of date and aggressively direct traffic to this wiki. This means linking to articles on this wiki when posting on social media, raising press awareness for this transition (and kindly asking press to update old articles with new links), and leaving content on the Fandom wiki to grow old. That will happen much faster once the Grand Siesta ends, but for now, all of your new lore and fan art should be directed to this wiki. If we have anything to share about the Fandom wiki going forward, you'll be able to get those updates on Twitter and Discord.

From here? The future is bright. This is the start of a new era for the fan writing community, and we hope you find these new tools both easier to use and easier to read on all devices. If you use this wiki often and find these Announcement posts helpful, you can get notified about new Announcements by subscribing to the internal Newsletter system. As usual, these announcements will go out on social media as well.

Until next time, remember We Are All Love Blaseball!

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