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Hello Blaseball fans. This announcement is a bit of a mish-mosh of what we did over the last Offseason and what we're going to be doing for Season 24 prospectively. There's a fair amount to cover, but let's start with the big news first.

The Blaseball Wiki May Be Temporarily Locked

We know for a fact that Season 24 will bring with it some huge events. With that in mind, we may have to take semi-unprecedented step of locking down the wiki for the duration of Season 24, and likely a little beyond into the Not-So-Grand Siesta. Many people will be hard at work cataloguing the changes over the course of the Season, but expect this wiki to be out of date until well after the Season ends. We will announce again when the wiki is re-opened to general editing. If you want to stay abreast of developments, the best place to look is in the wiki channel on the Official Blaseball Discord; the next best place to look is @BlaseballWiki on Twitter.

The Past Is Unknown (For Now)

Many players have appeared from the days of yore in the past few Seasons, including some who were made into Replicas. Much remains a mystery, however, though we expect much will be revealed over the course of the upcoming Season. Given the scale of Pre-History, the many gaps in our knowledge, and the expected drama of Season 24, we are not permitting lore for Pre-History teams or players to be proposed until the Not-So-Grand Siesta.

This position, of course, introduces problems for Ancient Replicas. These players were part of teams for a significant amount of time, and quickly became beloved by many. To reconcile our stance on Pre-History with the presence of Ancient Replicas, we are treating Ancient Replicas as though they were brand new players to the ILB, with some stipulations. Any lore for an Ancient Replica must satisfy the following conditions:

  1. They must be acknowledged as Replicas of a player.
  2. Their appearance, personality, etc must be "drawn from" (in-universe) the Interdimensional Rumor Mill, as their inevitably varying interpretations are being explained through the multifarious forms a player can take through the IRM.
  3. Their lore must end when they are Dusted, with no implication about their experiences within the Vault.

Lightening the Fax/Voicemail Load

Faxes and Voicemails have, since Season 22, been the bane of wiki editing energy. To try and prevent burning out our volunteer editors, we have updated our recordkeeping process for these events. Rather than updating player pages as events occur over the course of the Season, we are documenting the frequency of events over the course of the Season and then updating all the player pages after the Season ends. We have also updated Help:Example_Player with new boilerplate specifically for players who were repeat customers of the Fax Machine, Voicemail, or both. Expect player positions to be behind in accuracy as a result.

What's In an IRM?

Team cultures are varied when it comes to the IRM, but the wiki team has seen conflict arise from the impulse to install an IRM on a player page when there is nothing going into the IRM, nor any clear plans for how the IRM does or does not relate to static content. Additionally, for both technical and personal reasons, we find empty IRMs to generally undesirable. As such, we are exercising our powers as wiki style enforcers, and establishing minimum requirements for IRM installation. For most formats of the IRM (see Help:Interdimensional Rumor Mill Guide for explanations of formats), empty IRMs will be permitted, as they are inherently contextualized by how they satisfy the format's requirements. However, for filebox IRMs, we now require a minimum of one IRM entry at time of installation. We will not be uninstalling empty IRMs that are currently in place unless requested.

How to Ping a Moderator

To round out this announcement, a brief explanation of a little-known function of the wiki. When someone links to your User page, you get notified of that mention. As such, if you need a moderator to take action or otherwise see a page, you can link to one of our User pages (e.g. User:Inumo) in a Talk page post, and we will be notified of the link. We can then take appropriate action when we see the notification and apprise ourselves of the situation.

That's all for this announcement. Play Ball.