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Hello again Wiki readers! It's been almost a month since we revealed we would be migrating the wiki from Fandom to a private server hosted by SIBR. In that time, we have been using this wiki as a alpha sandbox to fix various bugs and design the custom skin. We've made a lot of progress, and we feel that we are now ready to fully migrate the master copy of the wiki.

What does this mean? Well, this is best explained with a timeline of expected events. Details and timing may change with little warning.

Timeline of Migration

November 28th: Full Duplication of Fandom Wiki to self-hosted wiki

This coming weekend, we will be executing a full migration of content pages and images from the Fandom wiki to a secondary instance of this self-hosted wiki.

Any changes made to the Fandom wiki after the full migration will have to be manually transferred. We recommend that anything you want to be committed to the wiki be concluded in full on Friday, November 27th. Anything you do on November 28th is in that fuzzy time where we will be working but not providing up-to-the-minute updates, and those changes may get left behind. If anything does get left behind, users will need to manually re-commit their edits on this wiki instead.

Any changes you make before the migration will be captured and maintained. This covers every page that contains any content, including Talk pages.

Speaking of Talk Pages, due to US Thanksgiving taking place on November 26th, we would ask that any lore proposals that you would post to the wiki be posted to Talk pages by November 25th, or otherwise wait until next week and make use of our new discussions system. If you make a lore proposal this week, please make sure it is given due attention in the usual channels out of respect for the holiday and folks' absence.

November 28th-November 30th: Private Beta

This period of time is set aside for us to repair any bugs that have been reintroduced, perform any necessary software updates, copy over the custom skin built here, copy updated templates, manage user rights for administration and related users, and other miscellaneous tasks.

During this time, we will be swapping two instances of the wiki. Currently, the instance we are using is the sandbox and, by design, temporary. This sandbox will be archived for development use, while the primary instance, which has been hidden so far, will be brought forward to this URL.

We may also be updating some key guides during this period, but expect some of the more granular Help guides to be out of date and reference Fandom tools for a little while.

December 1st: Public Release

On December 1st, before the start of Day 3 of the Coffee Cup, we will have completed the migration from Fandom. The master copy of the wiki will now live on, and any changes that you wish to add to the permanent record should be recorded here.

What Happens Next?

Firstly, we will be offering username changes to users who used the Fandom wiki. The duplication of the Fandom wiki creates shell profiles for all the users who contributed to the Blaseball wiki, and those usernames cannot be automatically claimed. Users will be able to claim their old edit history with a new username or the old username, or abandon their old edit history if they like.

Using the wiki forums, we will be instituting a system for people to verify their ownership of their Fandom profiles. More information about that will be posted closer to public opening.

We are also going to start work on several new guides and documents for the wiki, as well as new features like further automation, unique subforums, a simplified image upload process, perhaps other things too!

As always, updates for wiki progress will be posted to our twitter account, @BlaseballWiki, and to the #wiki-talk channel on the Blaseball Discord server.

See you soon on the new, permanent home of the Blaseball Wiki!