Announcements:Issue 6 - On Farewells, Faxes, and Formaldehyde

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Hello splorts fans, and welcome to the second Offseason. It's a bittersweet day for us all on the wiki team, as Steven Wiki has officially been Released. He won't be soon forgotten, as his contributions to this wiki - and by extension, the Blaseball community at large - run deeper and wider than anyone can fully understand. You can read his final words and farewell to the community here. As we mark this end of an era, a moment of silence.

In the distance, you hear softly, "Stop acting like I'm dead!"

Sometimes it's like we can still hear his voice... Anyways. To business.

Changes in Wiki Leadership

As was discussed in the previous issue, Steven's departure has also reminded us all of our need to expand the moderation team, and develop a stronger infrastructure within it. We're in the process of interviewing a new name for our volunteer leadership page, so we may have a fresh friendly face out and about by Season 18. Of course, even if our interviewee becomes a moderator, one person can hardly replace all that Steven was doing, so we expect bringing on more moderators will be an ongoing process. If helping run this wiki at a higher level interests you, we recommend starting out by signing up to be one of our support volunteers, especially a Team Liaison or a Recordkeeper. You can find out more about these roles here, and apply here. We have plans to go through our outstanding applications over this Offseason, so if you've already applied, we ask for a little more patience; expect to hear from us soon.

Upcoming Policy Changes

This Offseason will likely produce a number of policy updates from the wiki team, ranging from the Interdimensional Rumor Mill to a whole new Team page format, but I want to focus first on the most immediate issue: our policies around players in/from the Shadows. With the advent of the Fax Machine, players are popping in and out of the Shadows more than ever before. With that in mind, we will be retooling our presentation of Player pages to separate identifying players who have never been on an active roster and players who are presently in the Shadows. This will come with some new practices around how we maintain player pages, so expect to hear more from us as things settle. Additionally, we are adjusting our lore policies slightly: though we still require players to be on an active roster before proposing lore, we are softening our (unspoken) guideline that players should see 24 hours of live play. Since some players may not even make it that long - and over these Offseasons, waiting 'til the next Season to write lore is a tall order - we are shifting our stance from "almost required" to merely "a strong suggestion." In our opinions, some of the best lore comes out of seeing how a blaseball player behaves on the field, but we recognize that it is just as possible to write a preliminary idea, then adjust it after play happens.

They Are Preserved

Shortly after Day 99 of Season 17, Lōotcrates appeared to announce

"Stars Vaulted"

and with that, Nagomi Mcdaniel and York Silk were whisked into unknown corners of the website, catching the whole league by surprise. Since no new information was delivered during the Election, we are planning something a little... creative with their respective pages. We are asking that all contributors prepare lore for these players as though they did not know what would happen when the players achieved Legendary status, cutting off all lore information at Season 17, Day 99. These pages will then be locked, with a banner explaining that they have been frozen in time. Preserved. These plans will undoubtedly change as we learn more about what happened to these players, but until then, we think this will be a fun way to represent their in-game status on this wiki.

That's all from us this week. Now, Play Ball Siesta! Go to sleep!