Wesley Poole/IF-309.1

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Rumor / Community Lore
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Wesley Poole was allegedly born to Ernest and Gabardine Poole in an undisclosed location on an undisclosed date before moving to Chicago, where he was from, to take a job at Milky Tech Preparatory Academy as well as work as a volunteer firefighter. He was the campus poolboy at the academy until it was consumed by flames in the Great Chicago Blaseball Fire. Poole hid within the Milky Tech pool for the duration of the fire, until his fellow firefighters defeated the blaze.

Poole now acts as the "poolboy" for Lake Michigan, which he often refers to as "Lake Chicago". It is at this time unclear what being the poolboy of a great lake actually entails.

Ever since being reverbed to the pitching position in Season 5, Wesley stands in a kiddie pool filled with Royal Crown Malort on the mound.

Like all of us, he is from Chicago. His jersey number is 309.


  • When Poole manages to pull off a fantastic play, fans can be heard chanting "The Wes Wind Blows!" from the stands.
  • Poole is an amateur lepidopterist of little skill and ill repute, using his pool net to catch butterflies and moths.
  • Wesley Poole has never been observed wearing a shirt.
  • Despite often being observed to have fish like qualities—including fin-like ears, sharp teeth, and gills—Poole insists that he "just looks like that."
  • The only tanlines present on Poole's body are under his sunglasses, which he never removes.