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Hahn Fox's backyard pool is a community aquatic center in Hellmouth, Utah.

Location and History

Hahn Fox's backyard pool is located in Hahn Fox's backyard, behind Hahn Fox's house near the Old Mill Creek hiking trailhead in Hellmouth, Utah.

The pool was built during Season β7 of Internet League Blaseball, after Fox's transfer to the Hellmouth Sunbeams and subsequent house purchase in Hellmouth. The construction became a short-lived media sensation among local news outlets, who followed the project with eager interest. As such, when the finished pool was unveiled, news of its provenance spread quickly through the community.

A little overwhelmed with requests to rent out the pool, Fox extended the invitation to use the pool to the "whole Hellmouth community", starting with an inaugural pool party in the Season β8 post-season following the Sunbeams' defeat to the Houston Spies. Since then, the aquatic center has been managed by a rotating team of volunteers.


Hahn Fox's backyard pool is a concrete swimming pool in the approximate layout of a Z-pentomino. The "body" of the pentomino shape is a 25 metre long, four-lane lap pool with a consistent depth of 2 metres, while one "arm" of the pool reaches a maximum depths of 5 metres and sports diving boards ranging up to 10m in height. The final "arm" of the pool other is a beach entry pool with a sloped base reaching a depth of 2 m where it meets the "body".

Additional facilities include:

  • spa pool
  • a grassed area of sufficient size to comfortably situate Sigmund Castillo
  • Changing facilities
  • Free towel rental
  • A shed full of pool toys and aquatic sports equipment
  • Speakers with an aux cord
  • The "Life"Gourd

All of the pools contain water, in contrast to most other backyard pools of the Hellmouth.

Ominous Qualities

Hahn Fox's backyard pool is a particularly popular facility in the desert town, as all other man-made bodies of water in Hellmouth curdled, boiled over, metastasized, turned feral, transmuted into tar, transmuted into blood, rapidly alternated between boiling and frozen, began screaming and never stopped, or began an endless descent into an unknowable realm of torment[1] when the Forbidden Book was opened.

Fox, when questioned about how she managed to stop the pool water from becoming feral water, seemed to not understand the question, explaining she only used "chlorine, but not too much, I wouldn't want it burning people's eyes." Investigations are ongoing.

  1. With the notable exception of the Potash Ponds.