Justice Spoon/IF-70.4

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Justice Spoon always wears the Justice Blindfold. It is currently unknown if Justice Spoon is blind or not, or if they wear the blindfold for other reasons.

They are a living marble statue.


At some point, Tyreek Olive, previously Justice Olive, handed down the Justice Blindfold to Spoon. Spoon then inherited the name "Justice", replacing their old name, lost to memory.

Justice now plays in Tyreek's honor after they were incinerated on 2:26, The Discipline Era.

In the mornings, Justice runs an egg bowl breakfast spot. During the day, they pitch for the Chicago Firefighters. At night, they run a private detective agency. After the death of their husband Whit Steakknife, Justice has devoted their time to tracking down the rogue umpire who incinerated him and bringing them to justice. They are busy training their children Spork and Spatula, to take over the agency should something happen to her. The family can often be found going on picnic/manhunts together.

Justice's best pitch is the "forkball".

Like all of us, they are from Chicago. Their jersey number is 618.

As a result of the Alternate Reality decree passed at the conclusion of Season β4, Justice Spoon was replaced by an alternate Justice Spoon. The fate of the original is unknown.

Throughout season 5 Justice attempted to reclaim a fireproof jacket from the blessing pool as they believed it to be the one lost when their mentor, Tyreek Olive, was incinerated. Unfortunately, they did not get a chance to confirm this belief as Mclaughlin Scorpler of the Hades Tigers misplaced the jacket shortly after receiving it. Despite obvious frustration Justice handled the post season with grace stating, “we’re not the only team that has lost an iconic jacket to an incineration”


  • Justice loves to snuggle, especially with their spouse Whit Steakknife, who is a knife.
  • They only listen to Justice.
  • They are incapable of playing the spoons, as they have no rhythm.
  • They only ever wear Justice-brand sportswear.
  • Justice is either incapable of sleep or simply does not wish to.