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Haunt Wednesday/IF-10.30

Personal History

Haunt Wednesday is a ghost. She was summoned by members of the Pandemonium Artists during a late-night ouija board session. She does not remember how she died, who she was when she was alive, or how long she has been dead. Thankfully, none of that information is necessary to play Blaseball. Haunt's name was given to them by their teammates.

Haunt is known as Half-Star Haunt to fans, in an echo of Lars Taylor's "Lone-Star Lars" nickname. She is, actually, a six-star pitcher, but only on Wednesdays, the day after the Coffee Cup. When asked why she does not simply play well every day of the week, Haunt responded with ominous static sounds.

Haunt Wednesday/IF-46.14

Personal History

Haunt Wednesday was known in life as ▇▇▇▇▇▇ ▇▇▇▇▇▇▇▇▇. Haunt Wednesday was killed by a stray foul ball by Jaylen Hotdogfingers, and is the only known civilian casualty of Hotdogfingers' Season β7 murder spree. No debt was collected when Wednesday died, nor was their death publicized in any way, as the league was too distracted by the events of Ruby Tuesday to notice a fan's incineration in the stands.

When asked via ouija board, Haunt claims no memory of this or any other event during their time alive, though the mention of Hotdogfingers' name caused the planchette to shake and Wednesday to phase out of existence for a full 15 minutes. It is theorized that Wednesday has remained on the Immaterial Plane after their death searching for vengeance for their fate, only to be found via playing the game that led to their demise.

As the Pandemonium Artists were removed from the Coffee Cup before facing Hotdogfingers' team, Heavy FC, the truth of the matter may never be discovered.

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