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Identity and relationship with Evelton McBlase

Evelton McBlase II has been known to claim to be the long lost, and sometimes evil, twin brother, of Evelton McBlase. However, sometimes he has been known to claim that it is the other way around. Other Fridays players, when asked, generally tend to shrug and say, "Hey, it is what it is, man. You want another Plepsi Lite?"

Acting Career

Evelton McBlase II was approached by film producer Fitz Kualoa about starring in a full-length blaseball biopic that would film between Seasons 6 and 7. After Evelton joined the cast, Blases Loaded was re-written to star McBlase II's twin brother. McBlase II continues to act during the post-season, and his eighth full-length film is currently in post-production.

Title Role Notes
Blases Loaded Evelton McBlase I Nominated-Athletic Guild Award for Trying Something New
Blases Pre-Loaded Evelton McBlase I & Evelton McBlase II
C O C O N U T I N L O V E The Angry Sheriff Animated
Maui Zowee Scott Kannblerg Nominated-HAFTA Award for Best Lo-fi Soundtrack
McBlase vs. McBlase: Two's on First Evelton McBlase I May have been played by Evelton McBlase I
The Bleach Bum Moondog HAFTA Award for Best Performer (erroneously awarded to Evelton McBlase I)
Fat News Bears Coach Morris In Post-production

Baltimore Films

Since their transfer to the Baltimore Crabs they have been offered several parts in various Baltimore based film adaptations including Mission Imclawsible, Doctor Strangeclaw, Reservoir Crabs, Air Bud (but with a Crab), and Claws 2. Notably they did turn down the offer for Crabs, citing a disinterest in musical adaptations for the screen.

Directorial Debut

After winning a championship with the Crabs, McBlase II moved to the Core, citing an interesting in the groundbreaking special effects and independent films coming out of the area. McBlase II has since made their directorial debut with The Llitch, and has been met with widespread critical acclaim for both that and his subsequent film, The Llighthouse.

Cinematic World Tour

Following several seasons spent in the Core, McBlase began a whirlwind tour of several cities' cinematic cultures. Typically a recluse, they gave an interview where they said, "My time in the Core has taught me that there's always something new to learn... and I, of all people, am perfectly capable of learning it."

McBlase spent the first season of their tour in Chicago, using their new directorial chops to learn about the history of cinema in the city. They then went to Yellowstone and dabbled in documentary-making, learning along the way about the ethical challenges in filmmaking. A trade brought McBlase to Tokyo, where they spent a season learning the history of Japanese cinema, followed by a year spent in Mexico City learning about their traditions.

Satisfied with their time spent traveling, McBlase spent the next several seasons in New York. After a brief break to try theatre, they returned to cinema, vowing to use what they'd learned in their travels to direct and star in the best film possible. McBlase has claimed that the film will debut on the day of the Season 24 elections.