Dunn Keyes/IF-0.489

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Keyes was affected by the Alternates decree, resulting in her swapping with an alternate dimension's version of her. The only apparent difference between this universe's native Keyes and the alternate seems to be that in the alternate Keyes's universe, they had been created by a corporation called Dunkies Crumpets, rather than Dunkies Donuts.

She is notable for discovering the song "Flower Power", which has now become the team's official anthem.

In XX12 Keyes was created by the now-defunct Dunkies Crumpets Corporation as a prototype human replacement that only ran on Dunkies. As such, her torso is a 150 liter chamber containing only iced tea. Keyes eventually defected from the company after her AI became self-aware and she discovered emotions, the forefront of which were loves for music, botany, and the splort of Blaseball.

Keyes was known in her native universe to visit the destroyed Dunkies Crumpets HQ from time to time. What they did there is unknown, but they always returned with a full reservoir of tea. Now that they're in this universe, they brew their own tea for fuel. They do, however, occasionally visit the Dunkies Donuts HQ in what seem to be attempts at getting to know more about this universe's version of the corporation.

They are the half-sibling to EITHER Zion or Curry Aliciakeyes, but it is unclear which. All three players have refused to answer any questions in regards to the matter.