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A Sweet Indefinite

Chorby Short was awakened by the Yellowstone Magic during the Season-8 Election Campfire and Music Festival in Seattle. She--the being has made it known that they prefer "she"--was discovered in a particularly anomalous region of Seattle, in a fugue-like state. Chorby showed a natural affinity for magical acts, and as the Team performed increasingly complicated spells, her now-normal upbeat attitude and erratic movement began to emerge.

Chorby has shown a strong affinity for pastel colors and soft fabric. She clothes herself in approximation of the Magical Girls she is fond of watching on television, and will often cast spells with alternative names to more closely mirror her idols. It is hypothesized that Chorby is very susceptible to the influence of media; a week-long binge of pro-wrestling and the Dragonball anime have permanently impacted Chorby's daily routine. For this reason, rangers closely monitor the media that she is allowed to access. Chorby exhibits psychosis-like symptoms in which she is unable to tell the difference between media and reality, and could be driven to unwittingly commit acts of harm. She has no traditional understanding of morality, her worldview shaped entirely by the examples in television, novels, and the radio. Chorby does not respond well to traditional teaching, nor real-world interaction. If a desired concept is to be taught, rangers apply for an animation to be made according to specially-prepared scripts.

In one notable incident, a lesson on anatomy was prepared by staff, without proper proofreading. The following day, Chorby was observed celebrating her dismemberment and dissection of several parkpark animals. Rangers approached Chorby for questioning, which resulted in [redacted]. The guidelines for media creation and interpersonal interaction with Chorby Short were drafted shortly thereafter.

Short, Surreal

Chorby Short is often described as frog-like. Indeed, she appears as a 106.6cm-tall humanoid with traits resembling an anthropomorphic member of the Order Anura. An incomplete list includes: broad mouth, elongated webbed digits, squat face, meter-long tongue, exaggerated leg-body proportions, moist green epidermis, vocal sac. Chorby has additionally demonstrated the ability to create an adhesive secretion.

Her stature and light voice sometimes seem at-odds with her demeanor, as exposure to media has allowed her to develop a sort of "protagonist focus" in which she becomes quite stoic and determined to complete whatever task she has fixated upon. When she is not in this state, her personality has been described as jovial. Chorby is easily excitable, and loves to run laps while she commandeers conversations.

The most concerning part of Chorby's physiology is an adherence to what rangers have named "Toon-Physics." Her body is seemingly immune to physical harm, and able to alter shape according to stimuli. Chorby Short is unable to feel pain, but reports a discomfort when misshapen. Despite the light-hearted nomenclature, the reality of Chorby's physical changes are often quite gruesome: viscera, blood, and bone are often seen leaving the flesh, or becoming violently misshapen before returning to their established shape. Chorby has sometimes used this trait for means other than survival, such as flattening and extruding herself beneath a locked door.