Wyatt Dovenpart/IF-502.86

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This article contains lore created collaboratively by the Blaseball community. It is just one of many Rumors that we've found in the Interdimensional Rumor Mill. You can find more Rumors about Wyatt Dovenpart at their Rumor Registry.

Form Clouds

In a Los Angeli where time ceased function following the Grand Unslam and the subsequent passing of the Interview Decree, Dovenpart is known to be a hub for interdimensional activity. As splorts fans and residents of Los Angeles alike clung to their screens for ILB Season 3 Elections, they witnessed first-hand the Tear in Spacetime above Al Pastor Memorial Stadium and outwards to the rest of surrounding LA. It is noted that while most residents (Exceptions: Wyatt Mason, LA Tacos roster (temporarily?)) maintained their previous material integrity, some resident's Forms were absorbed into the Tear itself, leaving hollowed versions roaming the newly interconnected streets. The sky itself, now characterized by cracking bursts of light and swirling dimensional rifts, is an unrivaled sight and potentially home to parts of Dovenpart.

Wyatt Dovenpart, then Lee Davenport, at the stadium with his team as results came in and the Taco hivemind known as Wyatt Mason developed, was quickly differentiated from their teammates. A group of eyes, although operating separately, began to float around his own, rumored to allow Wyatt to see into the Tear itself. The eyes bear no resemblance to his original, and are independent from each other, although they occasionally become synchronous with the changing colors of interdimensional rifts in the sky. When questioned about the additional eyes, Dovenpart refused to speak. Likely bright and rapidly moving with no regards to linear fashion, visual descriptions of the Tear above the cit(ies) from Dovenpart themself are highly sought after.

Although circling eyes is the most common appearance, since Season Three, differing Form clouds have been spotted throughout both active seasons and siestas. Namely, groups of hands are known to float around his own, usually acting as if connected to another body, and distracting Dovenpart from usual daily functions. Furthermore, collectives of mouth Forms are occasionally seen drifting along and positioning themselves as if a part of their face. Although his silence continues on the topic of limbs, teammate Basilio Fig commented that "He hears everything they [additional mouths] say to him, the rest of us don't know exactly what though. I wasn't here for it at first, but they tell me its people talking about the elections and then moving up? Into the Bridge or something. Louder than the crashes of the ocean too, they say." Whether or not the original people with these mouths have any control over what is said remains unclear, as with most topics surrounding the radiant clouds of Forms glitching to and from Dovenpart.