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Wyatt Dovenpart/IF-502.29

Dovenpart's Doppelgänger

At some point prior to Season 1, the first game of the ILB 2K██ series was released. Regarding Wyatt Dovenpart (then Lee Davenport), this is noteworthy for several reasons: they objected to their likeness being used in a simulation, he insisted that the game had gotten their hair color wrong, and, most intriguingly, he was not at that time signed up for Internet League Blaseball, having a level of interest in kickball but otherwise working at a community garden and bakery. They stated their doubts that they would ever wind up in a game of Blaseball, and that the game was wildly inaccurate.

Fate, of course, had other plans for Lee Davenport; Dovenpart joined the Tacos alongside longtime family friend Wyatt Mason, lured in by the appeal of kickball and Al Pastor's deceptive marketing. Both of them enjoyed the relative calm of Season One. At that point, still speaking, they were quoted saying, "If the doppelgänger predicted me joining this splort, what else can it predict?" It would appear that his concern was not entirely misplaced. On Season 2 Day 73, it was reported that ILB 2K██'s servers went down for almost three hours.

By the time the Quantum Curveball was hit on Season 3 Day 73, his game figure used the 502 Error to its advantage and began materializing in Los Angeli. Although infrequent, team members have expressed that a red-haired Dovenpart had given forewarnings varying in significance, from the team’s 3-9 loss on Season 5 Day 23, to the existence of a wave-based weather event, which eventually resulted in Dovenpart's swap to the Lineup in Season 5. The ominous air of these messages made it unclear whether they were a warning or a threat. Only one of its messages is on record, when it stated that "Your friends will wind up working for the very thing they fight against". During the appearances of the digital doppelgänger, Dovenpart likely became lost in LA’s Corruption and fell into the team's Shadows. Having only vague memories of the Shadows once returning, he only knows of the doppelgänger's actions through secondhand reports from teammates, although they tend to fail to remember details as time passes.

Although Dovenpart's hair could be reasonably described as brown or brown-adjacent for most of their ILB career, it appeared to have gradually become more ginger over time. Post Feedback of NaN (previously Wyatt Mason) at the beginning of Season 9, doppelgänger sightings rose steadily, until the point of Day X, when Dovenpart began to consistently glitch out of physicality between Los Angeli and the Shadows. With little to no sense of physical self, paired with concern over being replaced by their doppelgänger as every disaster seemed to bring them closer, Dovenpart eventually ended up formally Shadowed with the Downsizing Blessing.

Wyatt Dovenpart/IF-502.34


Al Pastor Memorial Stadium’s material form Corrupted, Dovenpart (then Davenport), on the mound for the Unslam, appears to have Corrupted with it. Although they maintain a level of material integrity, continuing to generally resemble a human, their entirety is rarely visible all at the same time.

Sections of their body appear to dull, darkening and generally losing all definable texture for periods ranging from a few seconds to multiple minutes at a time. Varying glitching appearances, namely where patches of their body transform into vibrant waves of interconnected colors, become blacked out and generally blurry, turn entirely invisible, or lose geometric details, have all been reported on different occasions. Their teammates have established that certain people witness different glitches at the same time, and that those present at the time of the Unslam see less glitches than others. Dovenpart themself likely sees the glitches, in their own unique, non-linear fashion.

Dovenpart also tends to glitch into past versions of themself, jumping back a few seconds at a time and having to repreform tasks. While Dovenpart has made no comment on their lack of material permanence, onlookers have stated that multiple versions of them periodically appear, having to strain their eyes to make out movements with the short lag between the Wyatt's actions. Objects also seem to pass through glitching sections of them, as stated by teammate Vito Kravitz: "That kid? Heh. They can hardly hold a wrench! It just keeps phasing through their hands. I'd rather work with that peanut kid than them some days!"

They are also known to emit a faint static, growing in volume as you get closer to them. It is theorized that the excess of sound is the reason for their lack of speaking, while others point to the Interviews for an answer. Another theory for this, as well as for their material errors, has to do with their digital doppelgänger, as their hair has alternated between levels of red and brown. While sustaining silence to the media since these events, fellow Tacos have explained that they slowly began to speak to close friends, where, among other things, they were able to the best of their understanding, explain the computer-esque glitching they undergo in short, frustrated segments.

Wyatt Dovenpart/IF-502.42

Unlimited Blase Works

After the Interview Decree completed the Tear in LA’s Spacetime, breaking the sky into infinite shards of iridescent glass, certain members of the Tacos began to resemble the Tear, although some more than others. Dovenpart, who pitched the Bridge Weakening Quantum Curveball, has had their hands and lower arms transform into a mosaic of reflective light bouncing off of glimmering mirrors and glass since the event. The team also attempted to recover Dovenpart’s glove after the Unslam game concluded, however that too broke into pieces of vibrant glass and became scattered around Al Pastor Memorial Stadium’s field, hot to the touch. While the broken figures along their arms did not significantly impact their ability to pitch, after a Season 5 forced Dovenpart into the Lineup, new techniques had to be developed.

It seems as if the contour of glass was fitted along their hands precisely to hold a ball, however bats were much more difficult to grasp. Additionally, the reflection of surroundings from their hands into their eyes when at bat led to difficulty seeing pitches thrown to them. As if a streak of sun was forced into their eyes, hitting the ball became more of a pain than throwing it was. However, soon after the Reverb occurred, drawing Dovenpart back to their connection with the Microphone, they were able to harness some of its powers and summon numerous bats from the Tear and onto the field in a Season 6 game against the Hellmouth Sunbeams.

Reportedly, they used the following incantation to incite this technique:

I am the bone of my bat.
Aluminum is my body and Tacos are my blood.
I have created over a thousand bats.
Unaware of loss,
Nor aware of gain.
Withstood pain to create runs, waiting for one’s arrival.
I have no regrets. This is the only path.
My whole life was Unlimited Blase Works.

Unfortunately, this action was incredibly inconsequential and resulted in the call of a strike, swinging. Team management has scolded Dovenpart for it's potential to further damage the Spacetime. Some theorize that, had they succeeded in making contact with the ball, Unmasoned names would revert back to their original states. However this is usually trumped by the fact that the Commissioner's front office, who had an even greater excess of energy than Dovenpart with help from the Microphone, were still not able to revert Los Angeli or its residents to their prior state. Unlimited blase works has not been attempted since.

Wyatt Dovenpart/IF-502.71

The Unmasoning

The Wyatt Masoning, where every player on the newly Unlimited (formerly Los Angeles) Tacos, was renamed after their worst player, Wyatt Mason, acted as a formative moment for Dovenpart’s relationship to the team. Most of the Tacos categorized the blur of time between the Unslam and Unmasoning as “Just another weird thing to happen to the Tacos. Really, we don’t worry about it, and we promise that Los... [remaining recording unintelligible].” As Parker MacMillan III, whose role in the Unmasoning involved locating frequencies, incompletely reverted the majority of team names, ‘Wyatt’ or ‘Mason’ was left in place of many previous names. The further misspelling of Sexton Wheeler’s name to Wheerer, and Lee Davenport’s name to Dovenpart, caused tensions as Dovenpart viewed the partial renamings as significantly more consequential than his teammates did.

While most of the roster was relatively comfortable with their Unmasoned names, team management has stated that Dovenpart frantically insisted that their names needed to be fixed, and that the team was not reacting appropriately to their identity conglomeration. NaN, accustomed to Dovenpart’s dismays from their partial connection to the original Wyatt Mason, suggested that the anxiety was based on his digital doppelgänger, and consequential uneasiness towards errors. Although the team attempted to calm them, Dovenpart refrained from speaking for multiple seasons after the Siesta, overwhelmed in their own unease.

Once they began privately conversing with their teammates in later career seasons, Dovenpart has been noted to exclusively refer to everyone with their original first names. However, with the nature of Wyatt names, the utterance of original names are usually lost to Los Angeli’s Tear, and instead empty blocks of speech come out.

Dovenpart is also known to hold a grudge against the Commissioner(s) and their lack of action regarding naming, incinerations, and the “Horrid criteria for team manager selection”. While he has not publicly commented on the loss of both the third and fourth Parkers, he is assumed to resent all Commissioners, as well as anyone with a role of power across the plains of Blaseball (besides the Microphone).

Wyatt Dovenpart/IF-502.86

Form Clouds

In a Los Angeli where time ceased function following the Grand Unslam and the subsequent passing of the Interview Decree, Dovenpart is known to be a hub for interdimensional activity. As splorts fans and residents of Los Angeles alike clung to their screens for ILB Season 3 Elections, they witnessed first-hand the Tear in Spacetime above Al Pastor Memorial Stadium and outwards to the rest of surrounding LA. It is noted that while most residents (Exceptions: Wyatt Mason, LA Tacos roster (temporarily?)) maintained their previous material integrity, some resident's Forms were absorbed into the Tear itself, leaving hollowed versions roaming the newly interconnected streets. The sky itself, now characterized by cracking bursts of light and swirling dimensional rifts, is an unrivaled sight and potentially home to parts of Dovenpart.

Wyatt Dovenpart, then Lee Davenport, at the stadium with his team as results came in and the Taco hivemind known as Wyatt Mason developed, was quickly differentiated from their teammates. A group of eyes, although operating separately, began to float around his own, rumored to allow Wyatt to see into the Tear itself. The eyes bear no resemblance to his original, and are independent from each other, although they occasionally become synchronous with the changing colors of interdimensional rifts in the sky. When questioned about the additional eyes, Dovenpart refused to speak. Likely bright and rapidly moving with no regards to linear fashion, visual descriptions of the Tear above the cit(ies) from Dovenpart themself are highly sought after.

Although circling eyes is the most common appearance, since Season Three, differing Form clouds have been spotted throughout both active seasons and siestas. Namely, groups of hands are known to float around his own, usually acting as if connected to another body, and distracting Dovenpart from usual daily functions. Furthermore, collectives of mouth Forms are occasionally seen drifting along and positioning themselves as if a part of their face. Although his silence continues on the topic of limbs, teammate Basilio Fig commented that "He hears everything they [additional mouths] say to him, the rest of us don't know exactly what though. I wasn't here for it at first, but they tell me its people talking about the elections and then moving up? Into the Bridge or something. Louder than the crashes of the ocean too, they say." Whether or not the original people with these mouths have any control over what is said remains unclear, as with most topics surrounding the radiant clouds of Forms glitching to and from Dovenpart.

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