Wyatt Dovenpart/IF-502.71

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The Unmasoning

The Wyatt Masoning, where every player on the newly Unlimited (formerly Los Angeles) Tacos, was renamed after their worst player, Wyatt Mason, acted as a formative moment for Dovenpart’s relationship to the team. Most of the Tacos categorized the blur of time between the Unslam and Unmasoning as “Just another weird thing to happen to the Tacos. Really, we don’t worry about it, and we promise that Los... [remaining recording unintelligible].” As Parker MacMillan III, whose role in the Unmasoning involved locating frequencies, incompletely reverted the majority of team names, ‘Wyatt’ or ‘Mason’ was left in place of many previous names. The further misspelling of Sexton Wheeler’s name to Wheerer, and Lee Davenport’s name to Dovenpart, caused tensions as Dovenpart viewed the partial renamings as significantly more consequential than his teammates did.

While most of the roster was relatively comfortable with their Unmasoned names, team management has stated that Dovenpart frantically insisted that their names needed to be fixed, and that the team was not reacting appropriately to their identity conglomeration. NaN, accustomed to Dovenpart’s dismays from their partial connection to the original Wyatt Mason, suggested that the anxiety was based on his digital doppelgänger, and consequential uneasiness towards errors. Although the team attempted to calm them, Dovenpart refrained from speaking for multiple seasons after the Siesta, overwhelmed in their own unease.

Once they began privately conversing with their teammates in later career seasons, Dovenpart has been noted to exclusively refer to everyone with their original first names. However, with the nature of Wyatt names, the utterance of original names are usually lost to Los Angeli’s Tear, and instead empty blocks of speech come out.

Dovenpart is also known to hold a grudge against the Commissioner(s) and their lack of action regarding naming, incinerations, and the “Horrid criteria for team manager selection”. While he has not publicly commented on the loss of both the third and fourth Parkers, he is assumed to resent all Commissioners, as well as anyone with a role of power across the plains of Blaseball (besides the Microphone).