University of Toronto Vlarsity Blues

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The University of Toronto Vlarsity Blues are a blaseball team in the Canadian University League. They pride themselves on being "The #1 Blaseball Team in Canada" despite only being first in funding and most players caught cheating per season. Their fanbase is entirely composed of students from other universities, who love to root against them, as no one at the University of Toronto has time to follow splorts because they're all constantly overworked. This has led to the Vlarsity Blues embracing their role as the heels of the league, declaring rivalries with every single other team and inventing new chants to mock them every game.

Blues players stick around in the league for longer than average, on account of their degrees taking several extra years to complete because their institution is hell in the shape of a university. This often burns them out, and so they rarely go on to the Underleagues or the Internet League.

The Blues' stadium is triangular instead of a diamond, on account of its location on top of the massive, brutalist Roblarts Library. This is really annoying for every other team who has to play there.