Old Toronto

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Old Toronto, officially known as the Greater Toronto Area Second-Stage Quarantine Zone, is a city with a population of roughly ±4,000,000 humans, humanoids, and entities indistinguishable from humans or humanoids. Its border is marked by a 12 meter wide by two kilometer deep trench, now flooded.


Old Toronto houses the soaring alien architecture of the CN Tower Arcology, and first temple of the Billy Bleane Deities. The brutalist turkey-and/or-peacock-shaped Roblarts Library towers over downtown, converted into a fortress, with the University of Toronto Vlarsity Blues' blaseball stadium on the roof.

Imports, Exports, and Tourism

Officially, Old Toronto has zero imports, and even fewer exports. Its permanently darkened sky, and the nightlife culture that has sprung up around it, makes it an attractive option for tourism despite the threat of seventeen consecutive death sentences to any caught trespassing. To date, the city has earned twenty-two distinct accolades for its night life and club culture, including the lifetime Achievement Award from Mainstream Media, and the "Wouldn't Wanna Miss It" award from Pedants BiWeekly.

Due to its relative isolation, the city has also developed several genres of music, most of which have gained little traction outside its borders. These genres include N2Neon (Pronounced Neutonian), Grunch, TimsGenre, FallOS, and Thiper. It has also seen the rise of several sub-genres, including Underpunk, cHrImE, and Skatwo.