Free Gift

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Free Gift is a Modification introduced in Season β19 that provided teams with an additional gift in the next season's Gift Shop.


Free Gift is a single use modification that allowed teams to gain an additional gift in the Season β20 Latesiesta from the Gift Shop.


Free Gift was first seen in Season 19 when a number of fans joined the Society Data Witches and donated to various teams wishlists in an attempt to see the Data Witches on the "Top Donors" lists in the Latesieta. Unfortunately while those coins were counted in the wishlist page, when it came time to grant teams their gifts the additional coins were not counted, resulting in several teams receiving less gifts than they anticipated.

Additionally, any team who purchased the Handcrafted Quill Drop or Handcrafted Phone Drop instead received a Broom.

These events were acknowledged by the Monitor, who appeared at the end of the regular season with the following message:

uh hey
grabbed brooms by mistake earlier
kinda juggling a lot right now
got promoted again
they keep promoting me
also who are the data witches
anyway sorry
will try to make it up to you

In the post-election of Season 19, the results included a set of messages beginning with sorry again and each team that was effected by losing a gift was given the  Free Gift modifier with a here you go message.

The teams who gained the modifier were: