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Snafu "Loxosceles" Bravado (he/him), is a fanartist for Blaseball. He is not an official artist, nor are any of his art pieces or designs "canon," they are purely his interpretation of the characters of Blaseball. If his artwork is used within the wiki, he prefers this page be linked as a credit. If used offsite, please DM him for his preference.

He is a fan of the Unlimited Tacos. He also runs Blaseball fan RP accounts for Pepito the Coyote and McDowell Mason.

Social Media

Loxosceles has a presence on almost every social media, though he remains active on very few. Any social media account of his will almost always bear the username "SnafuBravado" unless it is for non-personal or non-art purposes. The accounts linked below are the ones Lox himself has said are "Kinda sorta mostly active sometimes."


- snafubravado (Personal/art account)

- BLASEBALLPEPITO (Pepito the Coyote RP account)

- CaptainMcDowell (McDowell Mason RP Account)


- snafubravado (Art account)


Loxosceles also uploads almost all of his art to, anything he uploads is tagged with "Loxosceles." You can find that gallery here. This is the most complete collection of the blaseball fanart he produces, as even art shared only within discord servers gets uploaded there as well.