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hello hello, I'm Vixen of the Yellowstone Magic! mostly an artist, i write too though. also, i'm fluent in wiki markup.
i have a bit of an ensemble problem. i was also the first person to do team tiles!
hard focus on magic players, former magic players, players that have some relation to magic players such as Owen Picklestein and King Weatherman[1], and for some reason, Alx Pineapple. whoops.

Discord Vixen#3285 (DMs ok, i'm not in any blaseball-specific servers)
neocities site
Tumblr under-snow-vixen
Ao3 UnderSnowVixen
Wikipedia ilivvii
Most Places if you see undersnowvixen, chances are it's me!

Art - usually paintings or done in MSPaint

the hike fic (ensemble) the hall fic (famous + sosa focus) the speedrun fic (sutton focus) the redaction fic (kurt focus)
Art use guidelines
Blaseball-specific Discords go for it, point people my direction (to this page) if they ask.
Other Discords ask first, the answer's probably yes!
use on twitter no, i don't have a twitter so would rather not have my stuff on there. exceptions made on a case by case basis.
use as avatars ok, link to my tumblr in an about or something. this is currently an exception to the twitter rule.
other places ask first, but the answer's probably no.
  1. he was on the magic so i guess he doesn't count as a related player anymore?