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Loyalty is a Team Modification that causes players leaving the team to gain Saboteur, giving them a chance to "intentionally fail" and give up home runs.


Loyalty is a team modifier that was first seen on the Hall Stars that causes players leaving the team to become a Saboteur.

Saboteur is a player modifier that causes a pitcher to turn any hit they give up into a home run. It is unknown what effect it would have on a batter.


Loyalty and Saboteur were both first seen in Day X of Season β10 on the Hall Stars. When Jaylen Hotdogfingers' Fliickerrriiing modification resulted in them swapping with Axel Trololol several times during the game, Loyalty was triggered, giving Hotdogfingers the Saboteur modification for the duration of the game. Notably even when switching back from the Hall Stars to THE SHELLED ONE'S PODS, Trololol was not given this modification, and instead gained Liberated from the Subjection Modifier.  

Since Saboteur had a weekly duration Hotdogfingers carried this modification into the first week of Season β11, where on Day 6 they showcased it by giving up 23 home runs in a game against the Dallas Steaks.