Big Buckets

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For the home Ballpark of the Mexico City Wild Wings, see The Bucket.

Big Buckets is a Ballpark Modification, introduced in Season β13 Earlsiesta. It gives players hitting a Home Run a chance of it in a Big Bucket and scoring an extra run.


Big Buckets has a chance to activate when a player scores a home run, allowing them a chance for the ball to land in a Big Bucket and scoring an extra run.

The Season β20 Blessing Shot Caller, which stated that a "Random Player in your Team's Lineup will be 40% better at landing Home Runs in a Big Bucket", revealed it was the Moxie attribute that controlled a player's ability to gain extra runs from Big Buckets.


Big Buckets first appeared in the Season β13 Earlsiesta as an available ballpark renovation.

Ballpark Additions

Big Buckets were placed Big Buckets in the Home Run territory: