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Ficus Pseudopalma Fig

Basilio Fig resembles a palm tree, leading many to assume she is one, while in actuality she is a palmleaf fig. He is described as an "erect shrub, glabrous, unbranched; leaves subsessile, crowded at tips of branches and giving appearance of a small palm, blades oblanceolate, to 30 in long, nearly cordate, acute to acuminate, coarsely sinuate-toothed, stipules persistent, lanceolate, 2-3 in long; figs paired, ovoid, dark green, to 1 1/2 in long, short-peduncled" [1]. Although the palmleaf fig, ficus pseudopalma, is also known as the dracaena fig, she has, at this time, no known relation to neither Alexandria Dracaena nor Thomas Dracaena.

While a member of the Hawai'i Fridays, Fig took a first-aid course in order to get a life-guarding license. Although this certificate has since expired, he assumes he is still well versed enough in first-aid to help the Tacos if need were to arise.

Fig, having a great affinity towards wasps, while not allowed to keep one as a pet in Hawai'i due to concerns for ecological damage, was able to find a positive in his Los Angeli Feedback swap. With less concern for becoming an invasive species, she promptly adopted several wasps, one of which who usually chills in her pocket, and has taken up beekeeping. He has turned her apartment into a pollinator sanctuary and also grows lots of fruits and vegetables, leading him to become a lovely chef and taco maker.

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