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Basilio Fig/IF-121.40

Fig and their Flowers

Basilio Fig is a friendly horticulturist who has lived in downtown Los Angeli post-Feedback from the Fridays, cultivating LA-native plants in their small apartment and utilizing upwards space to build lush lofts of flowers, ferns, mushrooms, and other herbs. They are often seen bringing their plants to the Tacos dugout before games, giving gifts to their teammates for good luck, such as giving a pothos to Wyatt Pothos after a particularly rough series. Fig is also responsible for the several palm trees lining the infield of Al Pastor Memorial Stadium.

For team wide Taco Tuesdays, Fig often brings fresh cilantro and tomatoes from their garden and helps prepare tacos for stadium staff. Fig is known to travel back to Hawai'i during off season in order to meet up with their original team and landscapes. Studying local flora and fauna, especially the flowers that have often been seen to sprout from their leaves, Fig feels at home both in Hawai'i and in Los Angeli.

Basilio Fig/IF-2.470

Ficus Pseudopalma Fig

Basilio Fig resembles a palm tree, leading many to assume she is one, while in actuality she is a palmleaf fig. He is described as an "erect shrub, glabrous, unbranched; leaves subsessile, crowded at tips of branches and giving appearance of a small palm, blades oblanceolate, to 30 in long, nearly cordate, acute to acuminate, coarsely sinuate-toothed, stipules persistent, lanceolate, 2-3 in long; figs paired, ovoid, dark green, to 1 1/2 in long, short-peduncled" [1]. Although the palmleaf fig, ficus pseudopalma, is also known as the dracaena fig, she has, at this time, no known relation to neither Alexandria Dracaena nor Thomas Dracaena.

While a member of the Hawai'i Fridays, Fig took a first-aid course in order to get a life-guarding license. Although this certificate has since expired, he assumes he is still well versed enough in first-aid to help the Tacos if need were to arise.

Fig, having a great affinity towards wasps, while not allowed to keep one as a pet in Hawai'i due to concerns for ecological damage, was able to find a positive in his Los Angeli Feedback swap. With less concern for becoming an invasive species, she promptly adopted several wasps, one of which who usually chills in her pocket, and has taken up beekeeping. He has turned her apartment into a pollinator sanctuary and also grows lots of fruits and vegetables, leading him to become a lovely chef and taco maker.

[1] Forrest Starr, Kim Starr, and Lloyd Loope (Jan 2003). "Ficus pseudopalma". United States Geological Survey.

Basilio Fig/IF-80.412

Fig Feelings

Fig is most notable for appearing to be a small palm tree (by palm tree standards, as they are currently the second tallest member of the Unlimited Tacos). When idle, they appear to be growing from whatever surface they're standing on, distinguishable primarily by the sunglasses perched midway up the trunk.

As a team member, Fig is often quiet, typically choosing not to speak unless prompted. When they do speak, it is a low, hollow resonance that often has a hard time carrying across a loud blaseball field. Their sunglasses are worn both to convey their laid back nature, and to make others comfortable at Fig's relative lack of facial expressivity which is sometimes otherwise read as uncaring. Close teammates have come to understand their unique mannerisms, such as physical closeness, which is a sign of friendship and affection, and extra motion of their palm fronds, which signals excitement or anxiety.

Fig spends a lot of time wandering the shorelines of each Los Angeli, observing the changes in the waves and the sand as they cross into each parallel city. They typically do this alone, and other teammates report them as content with this. At times, Mcdowell Mason has been seen accompanying Fig in these long slow journeys.

Other players on the Tacos who are reported as being close include Valentine Games, who finds Fig an appreciative audience for their freeform poetry, and Wyatt Dovenpart, who regales Fig with wandering descriptions of shows they've watched and stories they've read.

Basilio Fig/IF-82.430

Fig and the Figlings

Resembling a queen palm, Basilio Fig originated on the Hawaiian islands, spotted by the Fridays for its slightly flowing palm frond hair towering above the coastline. This tree's seedpods growing in it's palms are known to drop to the ground and wander the islands, often playing Blaseball and planting new Figs, all identifiable from their signature frond flower hair.

Utilizing a Feedback storm above the stadium, one of the Fig seedlings joined the Tacos with the goal of spreading more trees across the infinite Los Angeli, and engaging in local environmentalist initiatives. This Fig, often seen with teammate Alejandro Leaf, frequents beach cleanups and green activism, and works to maintain gardens surrounding Al Pastor Memorial Stadium.

Games against the Fridays often involve large sections of Figs among the audience, usually cheering in silence but waving their palm fronds back and forth to express their support of both teams, annoying those seated behind them. Basilio reportedly enjoys this chance to see large groups of it's family, and the rest of the Tacos seem to be more than comfortable with doppelgangers, accustomed to Dovenpart's doppelganger and the varying Alternate Realities across LA's rifts.

Basilio Fig/IF-91.662

Freestylin' Fig

When on the Hawai'i Fridays, Fig was known as a strong surfer and would often spend their free time along the beach. Post Feedback to the Unlimited Tacos, in an attempt to fit in to their view of LA culture, Fig began to secretly learn skateboarding, with the goal of showing off a kickflip to the team. However, they soon realized they were the only one on the team who knew how to skateboard, based on the team's astounded reactions to their tricks. Picking up longboarding soon after has led the team to referring to Fig's methods of transportation as "concrete surfing".

Fig has since become skilled in all manner of extreme skateboarding tricks, enjoying the adrenaline of them and often making somewhat risky decisions. Everyone agrees that their sick skateboard tricks are very cool. This propensity for extreme splorts is what allowed them to become a Fire Eater in the Season 9 Elections, thus allowing them to get even more thrills out of Blaseball plays, and keeping their team safer from incineration. When asked about the rumor that a dull flame has burned on them consistently since Elections, they responded that "Fire is a rebirth, so I don't mind its vibe as long as there's no forest fires".

Fig, outside of and sometimes even in their Blaseball uniform, is noted as extending their risky skate tricks to risky fashion statements, never seen without a tacky outfit or accessory. They are often seen practicing in a series of neon tank tops with slogans on them such as 'I flexed and the sleeves fell off', 'My other car is a surfboard', or 'Suns out, guns out'. After spending more time with the team and discovering Basilio Mason's high fashion history, Fig has continued to play off of ridiculous patterns and color combinations, contrasting Mason's put-together style.

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