Basilio Fig/IF-121.40

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Rumor / Community Lore
This article contains lore created collaboratively by the Blaseball community. It is just one of many Rumors that we've found in the Interdimensional Rumor Mill. You can find more Rumors about Basilio Fig at their Rumor Registry.

Fig and their Flowers

Basilio Fig is a friendly horticulturist who has lived in downtown Los Angeli post-Feedback from the Fridays, cultivating LA-native plants in their small apartment and utilizing upwards space to build lush lofts of flowers, ferns, mushrooms, and other herbs. They are often seen bringing their plants to the Tacos dugout before games, giving gifts to their teammates for good luck, such as giving a pothos to Wyatt Pothos after a particularly rough series. Fig is also responsible for the several palm trees lining the infield of Al Pastor Memorial Stadium.

For team wide Taco Tuesdays, Fig often brings fresh cilantro and tomatoes from their garden and helps prepare tacos for stadium staff. Fig is known to travel back to Hawai'i during off season in order to meet up with their original team and landscapes. Studying local flora and fauna, especially the flowers that have often been seen to sprout from their leaves, Fig feels at home both in Hawai'i and in Los Angeli.