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Also she still needs a Lovers section! Ran this by the Lovers and they seem to like it. :)

Career with the Lovers

After successfully sabotaging The Shelled One’s PODS, Hotdogfingers fell back to the immaterial plane, landing in the stadium of the San Francisco Lovers, who rushed out to the field with a beanbag to give her a soft place to land. Recognizing the weight of the hardships she had been through over the course of her ILB career, the Lovers stood watch over her and her beanbag to ensure that she was able to rest for as long as she needed.

Hotdogfingers’s first outing with the Lovers was rocky: still in the mindset that she was pitching for the PODS, she sabotaged the Lovers’ score and gave up 23 home runs to the Steaks. Team captain Knight Triumphant is reported to have later said, “I’faith! What is a mere blemish upon our win-loss record, ‘gainst the victory that Ser Jaylen hath returned to herself at last? Huzzah!” The Lovers were reported to have responded with a resounding “HUZZAH!”, to which Hotdogfingers herself reportedly responded by saying, “ayyy, thanks guys,” and going back to sleep on her beanbag.

With the Lovers’ continued support, Hotdogfingers saw a return to form, giving up an average of 3 runs per game in the remainder of Season 11 and completing the season nicely with a win-loss percentage of 0.69. It has been speculated that the calm environment provided by her new teammates has contributed to her recovery. Hotdogfingers has reportedly been spending extended periods of time relaxing in Yosh Carpenter’s woodshop between games. Young teammate NaN has reported having “so many cool conversations!!” (sic) about their similar experiences with Flickering. She has also been rumored to have grown close with fellow pitcher Percival Wheeler, although these rumors cannot be substantiated.

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