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IRM proposal for a version of Henry I've written fic about!

Henry "Hank" Marshallow was a botany student at Washington State University who (per reports from classmates) went mysteriously missing during a routine trip to collect samples from Yesler Swamp. Visitors to the swamp in concurrent years sometimes reported seeing or hearing what appeared to be a distressed, drowning figure in the swamp, which was always gone by the time anyone reached it to assist.

The "bog body" was not formally identified as Hank Marshallow until it emerged from Yesler Swamp sometime during the great return of Internet Blaseball and began attending Seattle Garages games with some frequency. Despite self-admittedly having no prior experience playing Blaseball, Hank told reporters on Season 3, Day 80 that they felt called to approach the field in Derrick Krueger's absence since "the game was already going so badly, pretty much anybody could finish it, you know?" The Garages welcomed Hank, who continued to be a part of the pitching rotation until its feedback to the Pies in Season 9.

In an interview given to Splorts Illustrated over the Grand Siesta, Hank is quoted as "adjusting to Philly pretty well, I think? There's a lot of swampland in the Appalachians I'm excited to see, and I've been going caving a bunch. Plus the Pies have way better food than the Garages, everything in the Garage kitchen sucked after Mike left." Hank is also a self-described scene kid, and can often be spotted at concert venues or raves around Philadelphia while not pitching or at practice. It holds the current ESBN title of "Tackiest Dresser Off The Field", and seems to do so proudly.