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IRM: Henry Marshallow, Marshmallow at large

StarryNavigator (talkcontribs)

Now that Hank has an IRM, I figured I'd throw in an entry for his Twitter counterpart.

Henry Marshallow is a sentient marshmallow, standing at 2" tall. No one is quite sure how he manages to pitch the ball, only that one moment there is not a ball, and suddenly there is one hurtling towards the batter. Communicating with Marshallow requires his publicist to be nearby to translate, as it is difficult to discern what he is saying through all the uwus. Rumors suggest he got his tattoo of a heart on his body by killing a man, but any time reporters attempt to ask, they are overwhelmed by his cuteness and are unable to inquire further.

EmuWarVet (talkcontribs)

Gonna throw in an entry for the IRM for Staybufft Henry too:

Henry Marshmallow, Staybufft Marshmallow Product Rep:

Mascot for the Staybufft workout line of protein marshmallows, Henry is notable for two things. First, the ever popular tagline for Stabufft Marshmallows "Staybufft! The Puff that makes you Buff!" which was accompanied by Henry's first ad campaign, depicting him bursting bodily through ever more improbable materials to deliver Staybufft Marshmallows to people struggling with feats of strength. Second, an unfortunate affair in downtown New York where, after ingesting an incredible amount of New Formula Staybufft (A product quickly pulled from shelves after it was determined to essentially be just giant cylinders of solid sugar), Henry Marshmallow grew to gigantic proportions, scaled the Empire State Building and attempted to bench press the observation deck, until finally being sedated by a passing Zoology Blimp that was bored. While no one blames Henry for the incident, his now yearly tradition of recreating the event for children's charity has endeared him to the hearts of many.