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New IRM - new Origin, Star Power, and the Big Leagues

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Summary: Adding a new origin for the Mexican Little Leagues, a paragraph about Pedro's relationship with the limelight, and abbreviated version of the correspondence sections, a paragraph about the Big Leagues and making a new "RV" and adding Runolfio's Poem to the bottom of the entry.


Pedro Davis played blaseball as a child in the Mexican little leagues for years before giving up on his chances at big league play to “do the right thing” and buckling down to serious work. Hailing from from Puerto Peñasco at the Northern end of the Gulf of California, he studied at the University of Veracruz and his thesis on the effects of ecotourism on whale shark and sea turtle populations caused unrest in the department. He was eventually forced to significantly rewrite it while working off hours at the Tortugranja on Isla Mujeres to cover his bills

When he heard about the new league opening up in the States and realized that this would be his last and only chance to play in the big leagues. Taking everything he owned and throwing it into an old rented trailer, he drove his old Ford north all the way to Matamorros when his drive shaft broke on a pothole. So close to his goal but held back by cruel fate once again, with a mighty cry he lifted up the trailer on his own shoulders and pulled it bodily across the border before passing out along the coastline south of Galvesto. Where tiny claws bore him into the sea, eventually to emerge as a lineup player for the Baltimore Crabs.

Star Power

While it is not well known, Pedro has held a quiet discontentment with the reaction of fans to some of the more well known players on the Baltimore Crabs, most notably Nagomi McDaniel for getting much of the credit for protecting or saving the team regardless of the fact that Pedro has been there since the return of blaseball, and made significant contributions to the team himself. While he strives not to let this effect his relationship with Nagomi he and teammate Adalberto Tosser have an annual tradition of getting together to complain about being underappreciated on the team.

When he briefly became unstable in season 7 he felt a morbid pride since the players that were typically targeted were the crux of the team. He remarked privately that "At least this story is about me, even if it is a tragedy".

Writing to Valentine Games

Pedro has been writing to Valentine Games long before either of them joined the ILB, having met in the Baltimore Aquarium during a childhood vacation. They two became fast friends and began their correspondence with enthusiasm as soon as Pedro arrived back home. Since then they have exchanged letters frequently, even when Pedro moved to Baltimore full time and the two of them joined the Baltimore Crabs. When Valentine Games was traded to the Jazz Hands for Tot Fox, and they were apart once more, their letters kept them tied together.

In season 7 when Pedro played as the only unstable player of the Baltimore Crabs under the effects of the eclipse, he wrote a letter to Val realizing it may arrive posthumously. Due to the fact the Houston Spies, Val's team at the time, having a conflicting game, Val was unable to be there in person for Pedro. In fact the Spies put out an uncharacteristically straight forward statement confirming that, "There is absolutely no way that we could have sent Valentine Games to Baltimore, you can clearly see the footage of him in our game against the Flowers. It would be absurd to think anything else could have happened in that game".

After the Crabs were called up Val received one final letter from Pedro written before the fateful game, but has continued their half of the correspondence by dropping off letters at the Telescope to await the Crab's return.

Writing Home

After a moving to Baltimore and joining the Crabs Pedro began keeping a written correspondence with his family back in Puerto Peñasco. They are reportedly just "not that into sports" so Pedro makes a point of keeping them abreast of the latest developments in the ILB, though usually focuses on his own accomplishments, and leaves out the accomplishments of certain other star players.  In an excerpt of one of his letters to Valentine Games he admins that, "I know it's not the whole truth, and they can watch the games from where they are, but who doesn't brag a little when writing home, Val?"

Outgrowing the Shell

While in the Big Leagues, Pedro outgrew his current camper. Rather than risk getting ingrown into this one he decided to perform a complicated ritual using all the resources available to the Crabs to try and rework his own carcenization.

While it is unclear whether something went wrong with the ritual or the Olde One couldn't reach the Big Leagues effectively, the result was unsatisfactory. Unwilling to give up, Pedro took matters into his own hands and began using his understanding of Carcinization as well as parts from former teammate Axel Trololol and his RV to create a new more compact and more customizable appliance to carry around. The result was a dense crab-like creature that could clamp onto his back, and expand into a wing-like shape.

When asked about how he felt about making use of Axel's remains in such a way Pedro commented that "Evil is a label applied by the world to behaviors society rejects. They call us evil here for killing our god. Let them say what they say about us. I don't let it affect me and my decisions. I'm taking control of my own destiny". This was reportedly followed by yet another attempt by Evelton McBlase II to recruit Pedro as their sidekick.

In Literature

Crabs Poet Laureate Runolfio Peeper wrote the following about Davids:

Pedro much enjoyed his PhD

So all his peers were quite surprised to see

That he descended from the ivory tower

And swore himself unto a deeper power.

When asked about this sudden daring choice

Pedro replied, “In Crabs I do rejoice!

I seek to marry knowledge from my studies

Into communion with my ten-legged buddies.”

Now, on the field Davids is the man

Whose back is tied unto his caravan.

So in the Crabitat or Astrolome

On any blaseball field, Pedro’s home.