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Orphaned Rumor: IF-9.866

Inumo (talkcontribs)

During the wiki migration, moderators noticed that the following rumor had been added to Nagomi Mcdaniel's IRM without prior Talk page discussion:

Once Nagomi's head was freed from her body, she shipped it back to Hawai'i via priority mail to be with Mrs. Silk. When asked how she was handling playing blaseball without being able to keep an eye on the ball, she responded "Why would I bother watching a ball when I could be looking at my wife instead?"

We are relocating it to the Talk page for discussion per our collaboration policy. If, after 24 hours have passed, there is no ongoing discussion about the rumor and the original author wants to re-attach it to the IRM, they may do so.

Inumo (talkcontribs)

Taking my moderator hat off and speaking as a Jazz Hand, just in case the original author actually does come by to claim this, I'm not a big fan of this rumor. While it's heavily implied that Nagomi Mcdaniel was decapitated as part of their carcinization, it's never made explicit, and certainly isn't particularly represented in any fanart of them. While I'm willing to let the implication ride, I don't really want that to be stated explicitly anywhere since it kinda squicks me out. Additionally, I don't like that (if this gets added to the IRM) it heavily depends on the central lore rumor that it would be replacing whenever it comes up in the shuffle.