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Lore Connecting Alexandria Dracaena to Hendricks Richardson

Inumo (talkcontribs)

'Beams wanted to do some lore work w/ Hendricks Richardson, and asked the Hands to come up w/ some lore explaining how he might be tied to Alexandria Dracaena as a motivation for getting into Blaseball. We're currently voting via the official Discord (in #the-groove of the Jazz Hands channels) between the following three options:

  • Richardson & Alexandria were drinking buddies in grad school. Sets 'em up to be friendly.
  • Richardson met Alexandria (a former old African commune resident) doing field research & became friends there. I personally like this 'cuz it also opens the door to Black Alexandria headcanons, but it's also not as clean of a friendship starter.
  • The hybrid option. Richardson met Alexandria on the field research expedition, but then re-met Alexandria & became drinking buddies with xem while he finished his dissertation/into his professorship.

Comment below if you have a particular favorite option, though please don't double-vote between the Discord & this Talk page. This post is also cross-posted to Dracaena's, so please don't double-vote that way either (recognizing that it'd be a lot easier to spot in that instance).