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Proposal: Addition to Math's lore

Alisadblaze (talkcontribs)

So I have been in discussion with both the Spies (i'm a spies ambassador) and the tokyo lift, and we have come up with a new piece of lore to add to Math's wiki page. This is NOT a new IRM, it would go on Math's actual page below the Alternate Reality section.

This lore is about how Math became friends with the team captain of the Tokyo Lift, Stijn Strongbody. Stijn's pregame ritual is "Advanced Mathematics", so we decided to make the two of them friends.

The story goes that Stijn approach the Spies after their first game in Tokyo, and invited Math to stay overnight at the Lift Stadium. Math agreed, and the two became fast friends. They often hang out with one another when the teams are playing each other. They can often be found discussing impossible graphs and different paradoxes. Their friendship is viewed with admiration, a sign of the league starting to come together after the discipline era