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Physical Characteristics

Blargo (talkcontribs)

I can't believe this page is still empty! Let's 'flesh out' our liquid friend!

What do ya'll think about something like this? I tried to cover pretty much everything that seemed consensus at the time of their games:

• Liquid Friend is an entity composed entirely of liquid. Their body shape and size is infinitely split-able and malleable, enabling them to play multiple positions at the same time. Because liquid expands to fill the volume of its container Liquid Friend can cover the entire field with ease.

• The exact composition of Liquid Friend varies over time depending on what other liquids they consume/ come in contact with. The baseline coloration of Liquid friend seems to be dark gray/ light gray tones or water. During the Coffee Cup, they were observed to be primarily made up of coffee, but this is likely due to the Coffee weather effect that was active during their games.

• Liquid friend identifies as the embodiment of gender fluidity. (not 100% sure this should go in physical description?..)

• Liquid Friend takes many shapes. As a detective, Liquid Friend's ability to occupy unassuming vessels (such as coffee cups) was an invaluable asset that helped the crime fighting duo crack many cases.