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Update to IF-28.114

NautALoid (talkcontribs)

Proposing update to this rumor to make Fenestrate's lore more meaningfully Arab and Muslim, as well as to cover mid to late expansion era events:

  • explicit mention of religion, ethnicity, and pronouns in three languages at the start of the entry.
  • pronoun randomizer has a greatly expanded pool of options.
  • changes to early life: grew up in Luxor, Egypt, went to university in Morocco before transferring to a school in Cairo before dropping out and starting to travel the world.
  • changes to blaseball career: added section for Fenestrate's co-captainship of the Lift with Pantheocide, as well as Fenestrate's brief run-in with the 5th base.
  • changes to relationships: rents a makerspace with Mandible, Honeywell, and Bradley, has a complicated relationship with Zephyr, and meets up with Percy (one of Dumpington's headmates) after lift/tigers series.
  • created trivia section.

full text can currently be found here (the link to this userpage will be deleted from the talk page after the changes are implemented):

ᕕ( ᐛ )ᕗ (talkcontribs)

Yusef's IRM is out of date, and needs to be fixed to the new format. Currently, her IRM entries seem to be best suited to the Filebox format, so that is what would be installed for the update.

ᕕ( ᐛ )ᕗ (talkcontribs)

An IRM entry in that classic "this obvious fact is false" style we all know and love, insisting that Yusef is a normal human being who does not have a window on their face. Some tinges of horror here and there, and an implied ILB conspiracy to keep whatever's behind that non-existent window a secret.

Do not attempt to look into the window.

Here's the full text, if you're interested:

Yusef's many hobbies/interests

NautALoid (talkcontribs)

A choose tag list of Yusef's many hobbies on the bottom of their page, outside of the IRM entries.

IRM entry for Yusef

NautALoid (talkcontribs)

The Tokyo Adrift/nAUtical Lift

Spotter donut (talkcontribs)

IRM entry for Yusef as a crystalline rockfish mermaid who acts as a navigator for The Tokyo Adrift, for the pirate AU. I will wait for another IRM entry to be uploaded first to avoid this being the first IRM new fans see.

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