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FifthBaseQueen (talkcontribs)

I've heard it suggested to use a drop down to represent election results due to how long they get for the expansion era. They make up around half the page here and don't represent a lot of different information. Thoughts on this?

KCToxic (talkcontribs)

By drop down do you mean a collapsible section? I think something like that could work.

I think a good solution for elections as well might be to move the results to a subpage (like Beta/Season X/Election Results) and put any collapsible sections/dividers/whatever organization solutions there and transclude that back to the main page. That would make the page shorter in the editor and give the reader the option to uncollapse what they want to read.

FifthBaseQueen (talkcontribs)

Yeah collapsable was the word I was looking for. Transcluding is a good idea though looking at the information on it, it does seem more difficult to set up.

EDIT: Oh wait I misinterpreted. I thoughtg you were talking about one page to store all the election results on and then transclude individual parts from that. Nevermind yeah that sounds more simpler to set up than I thought. EDIT 2: It might also be a good idea to do this to renovations too. We already have something in place and making a collapsable for them would be much simpler

KCToxic (talkcontribs)

On the later pages, renovations (and gifts) are already transcluded (and earlier ones could easily be made to do the same) so alterations would have to be done on their source pages.

Regarding election results, yeah I meant each season has its own Season/Election Results page from which information can be transcluded. Things can be transcluded as a whole, by defined sections, and by heading. It's essentially linking a page like a template (with some modifiers depending on how much you are transcluding).

Glumbaron (talkcontribs)

Right, so currently the season pages are not all consistent (true consistency is a Sisyphean task) in how much info they include about stuff like Latesiesta results. Some of them (season 22 for instance, I think) don't have it listed out at all, and instead just link to the Latesiesta subpage for that season. Is the idea to change them all to transclude the subpage, and format the subpages so that they're a big ol' list that starts collapsed by default? That sounds possible; is that what you want to do?

FifthBaseQueen (talkcontribs)

That and do the same with election results for Blessings and Wills (Tidings and Decrees strike me as too important and too short to bother with). I think I've figured out most of what I need to do I'm just giving time in case anyone has a really good reason to change something in the plan.

KCToxic (talkcontribs)

Since all of the latesiesta data is already kept on subpages of Latesiesta for every season with a latesiesta, it may be cleaner to summarize and link like the later pages do instead of transcluding it. It's (generally) lower priority data than the election is in terms of having it available to read right there in the season page in my opinion.

As for elections, even if Tidings and Decrees aren't collapsed, I think it would still be best to include them on results subpages for completeness and transclude them as is.

FifthBaseQueen (talkcontribs)

I'll keep them on the subpage. As for the Latesiesta, I do think I kind of prefer having that information being able to be accessed on one page. Most of the pages that just link to the Latesiesta or Earlsiesta don't really summarise anything at all right now.

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