HELIOLATRY/The Voidlings

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The Voidlings are a known sect of HELIOLATRY, de facto religion of the Hellmouth.


One of the newest sects of HELIOLATRY to emerge, following the swallowing of Sun and Moon by a Black Hole and the emergence of Sun 2, the Voidlings hold the belief that Sun 2 is an imposter and should be shunned and not worshipped. Instead, they believe that the Black Hole is the true successor of the Sun, as that holy body was consumed by the Void, and that eventually the Void shall return their worship with its embrace.

Appearance and activity within Hellmouth

Members of the Voidlings are one of the easier sects to pick out amongst the followers of HELIOLATRY - eschewing more comfortable wear for the desert of the Hellmouth, they instead attire themselves in heavy black robes and cloaks, adorned with the swirling blue and purple patterns of their object of worship. They tend to be one of the more evangelical sects, and shouting wars can often be heard between the Voidlings and other sects - calls of STARE INTO THE VOID and STARE INTO THE SUN getting tossed between groups of worshippers in one or another of Hellmouth's streets.

The members themselves tend to try and cultivate an occult vibe - though the one with 'Wizzard' on their hat will quickly proclaim that 'No, we're not all totally fans of satirical fantasy novels, and we're definitely not just cosplaying the Invisible Institute. Stare into the Void!'. Sect meetings tend to involve a lot of squabbling over various nothings, immediately followed by large potluck meals full of the strange foods of the Hellmouth - giant scorpion milk is a particular favorite. Rituals soon follow, the ominous droning so common to the Hellmouth rising into the night air as the Voidlings beseech the Black Hole for its blessings, to grant them its power to consume, so that they may soon bring the Hellmouth into the Void's embrace, and then go back for thirds.