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Hold off on making any more changes

ItsSteve (talkcontribs)

Hey! I see you're making a bunch of changes on this wiki right now, really major ones too. I need you to stop. You are a brand new account that we haven't seen before, and these sorts of things are not for random people to come in and just take control of. Please contact us on Discord if you want to contribute.

XYZZY (talkcontribs)


I'm not sure entirely what you "admins" consider appropriate policies, but considering you have already taken advantage of some Wikipedia Guides (including two WP links in your launch announcement) allow me to suggest one more: .In other words, a). tell me what I actually did incorrectly instead of just reverting content. If we are truly going off Wikipedia guidelines, I reserve the rights to reinsert some of my edits as their reversion is an unexplained removal of content. b). If I do make a minor procedural error, keep intent in mind and perform the intended edit, rather than just deleting the edit outright and demanding I stop editing entirely. c). Seeing how this is a wiki and HAS TALK PAGES, you should probably discuss things on talk pages rather than demand everyone use an outside website that requires a separate account, because that's just how wikis are supposed to work. Even without Discord, certain facts that are objectively true (such as that teams no longer have blood bath modifications) do not need to be discussed, because there is nothing to deliberate over. Thigs that are simply facts should be allowed to be added to articles, and it seems this wiki's admins have a policy of assuming bad faith whenever an editor does something slightly unusual. Please try to open your mind a bit, and either g=tell me what I did wrong or stop telling me to go away

Sincerely; ā€” A Newcomer (who should not be bitten)

ItsSteve (talkcontribs)

Ah. Well first off, I want to apologize for coming off strong. It's not my intention to "bite the newcomer," and in fact I did not assume anything about you other than that you were a newcomer who was eager to contribute. There's no problem with that inherently, and I should have taken a better tact to express myself.

I want to note pretty clearly here that this is not Wikipedia. You clearly have some experience with wiki editing, which is great, but things do work differently here. I also suspect you have more knowledge about the Blaseball wiki and community than you are letting on. There a few reasons some of your edits have been changed and that I requested you to hold off (again, not to go away, you are a welcome contributor).

Big picture, these updates hit the game pretty late in the US, and those of us who do administrate this wiki (no quotations needed) are mainly based in the US. We need time to organize how we will update the wiki in accordance with the season 12 update, and having a new account come in and move a major page without warning sets off alarm bells. Sorry, but that's just how it is.

Fundamentally, we don't require people to use Discord to edit this wiki when it comes to the fan writing commonly associated with the game. But for the indisputable, objective facts, yes, we do organize on Discord, and we work hard to keep track of what is going on in the community and game to ensure as near-perfect of a record as we can get. We aren't going to use the Talk pages for those most of the time because we are more concerned with organizing people to make the changes than actually discussing them. External members making those changes outside of our organization efforts throws a wrench into the whole thing.

About half of your changes were reverted because they were in fact a part of a planned, larger systematic change (such as the Tacos rename, which we will use a bot to properly rename references across the wiki) or just incorrect (the Blood Bath was removed before the Grand Siesta). Your change for the Crabitat page is left as is for now, but it might be subject to changes later as we work out what is needed for the community.

Sorry for the trouble.