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The LoweNandy Infinirivalry Multiverse

Inumo (talkcontribs)

Nandy Slumps & Lowe Forbes are rivals, and also compulsive liars about the truth of their rivalry. This will be the IRM of all the stories they tell about all the different versions of each other across the multiverse.

EDIT: Oh yeah, in keeping w/ proper IRM collab policy: this'll be a new section called "The LoweNandy Infinirivalry" and though it will use IRM tech, it will not occupy or replace the IRM section, because we like to make things confusing I guess. Individual pages will still be called "rumors" though.

DeWitt (talkcontribs)

Lowe ate (out of boredom, not hunger) several of Nandy's prized antique fans leading to a series of back and forth revenge eatings of precious antiques.

DeWitt (talkcontribs)

Nandy and Lowe were in gradeschool together when Nandy claimed in a report to the class that bats were bugs. Lowe interrupted her in front of everyone to state that, since bats were invertebrates, it was impossible for them to be bugs. This enraged Nandy who took it shouted that Lowe had "made an enemy for life" while throwing a 3rd grader at them

Lowe in an player interview, unprompted, claimed to have invented Cinnamon. This enraged Nandy who's upcoming autobiography also made the same claim

In the Blaseball Quarterly Theater review showcase, Lowe's Shakespearean magnum opus was the subject of a roundtable discussion. The show was a one-person version of Twelfth Night set in cold-war era Finland, where Lowe played every character, spoken entirely in Finnish while still in iambic Pentameter. The roundtable heaped near unanimous acclaim and glowing reviews. Except for lone dissenting voice Nandy Slumps, who claimed that the show was 'pretty standard, not very impressive or unique" and that Lowe's performance was "easy enough anyone could do it" and "somehow they're a worse actor than they are pitcher". An infuriated Lowe fired back by writing: "A REVIEW OF NANDY SLUMPS THE PERSON" which was published in Forbe's self published newspaper THE LOWE FORBES MAGAZINE FOR COOL PEOPLE. The review was equal parts scathing and typo-ridden. Lowe claimed that Nandy was "LACKING IN GOODTHINGS, TOTTAL SAD MORONFACE" and "PROPOPLY DOESNT EVAN KNOW WHAT A HORSE IS". These back and forth public rebukes have continued to this day, becoming more and more baseless, and less and less readable

Lowe was a fresh rookie in the under leagues when aged veteran Nandy pranked them by filling their shoes with molton Boron

Solomon (talkcontribs)

Nandy stole one of Lowe's blindfolds one time, realised that Lowe wore mutliple, defeating the purpose of the prank. In revenge, Lowe stole one of Nandy's tea towels, which they now wear as another blindfold.

InRainbow (talkcontribs)

Nandy and Lowe once tried to resolve their longstanding rivalry with a contest of sports from their area, With Lowe proposing a Snowball fight, and Nandy proposing a Mahjong competition. Lowe lost the snowball fight not being to hit Nandy because of their blindfold, but somehow winning the Mahjong competition. To this day they both claim the other one cheated on both events and the rivalry hasn't been resolved.

WayslideCool (talkcontribs)

Nandy once took Lowe's blindfold, but their blindfold prevented them from seeing it happen, and so it didn't.

Once Nandy ordered spicy chicken nuggets from a fast food restaurant, unaware that Lowe was working there. Lowe prepared her a batch of completely regular chicken nuggets, without the spice. Nandy rightfully complained about it, but Lowe in response decided to use some sort of unseen power to remove any tangible spice from every single chicken nugget in a 300 meter radius.

Bunni (talkcontribs)

Nandy and Lowe once got into a three hour long fight where all they did was teleport behind each other across several states. The fight finally ended when Lowe fell into an open manhole cover somewhere in Minnesota.