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De-captaining, self care, and LIMITER: RELEASED

StarryNavigator (talkcontribs)

The events of Seasons 7-11 has taken a toll on our dear captain, so the team got together during the siesta to gently demand he let the team take over his captain duties. Teddy takes up a few hobbies to compensate for all the free time he has now. He and Goodwin Morin are in a metal band, he's captain of a hiking club with Paula Turnip. He even starts learning how to skateboard from Oliver Mueller, in an attempt to help mend that relationship.

Teddy also got the ability to yell real good when he got the Spicy modifier in Season 9. When Teddy gets Red Hot! (or Releases the Limiter), he foregoes using a bat and instead dragon shouts at the ball. Details on what we wish to add can be found here!