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Error Correction for Season 3

Cowboymoth (talkcontribs)

Howdy! I found a slight error in the season 3 league records section while browsing reblase, the clutch home run was actually hit in game 3 of that series, which put the Talkers up 2-1. Here's the reblase link for reference:

My correction to the paragraph would be as follows:

Harrison's most clutch moment may have been during the Season 3 playoffs, during Game 3 of the first round, when the Moist Talkers were tied 1-1 in the series against the reigning two-time champion Philly Pies. Harrison came to bat in the top of the 9th inning with 2 out, 2 runners on, and down by 2 runs. Harrison hit a home run, giving the Moist Talkers the lead which they would keep and win the game to pull ahead in the series 2-1.