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New IRM - Old One Origins, RV Swap, and Carcinization in the Up

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Summary: Added a new origin about Pedro's research. Added a paragraph about the Baltimore RV swap, added a copy of the correspondence section, and added a section on Carcinization issues in the Up, and mechanical replacements.

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Pedro Davis originally came to Baltimore to research into the Olde One and the process of Carcinization I in Baltimore. When everyone turned on the Olde one Pedro was conflicted. This is what he'd been studying, this is what he came to Baltimore for, but he couldn't help her, and he couldn't help his teammates and friends because doing so, supporting either side, would invalidate his research.

Since he couldn't insert himself into the act without spoiling the work he had been doing over the last decade all he could do was watch and take notes. This is why he insists on the carpool to pick everyone up for games or road trips - He couldn't protect them in that moment but he can from thereon out. He still feels connected to the Olde One and takes on her role of keeping watch over the city.

RV Swap

Pedro hosted a biannual RV swap meet in Baltimore. He pays for dry cleaning and the mechanic bill for whoever chooses his former camper. Regular attendees and those from the Baltimore area understand why Pedro's trailer needs the additional work, though the people coming in from farther are a little disturbed by the...detritus that needs to be removed for it to function as a regular vehicle again. Over time Pedro has acquired bigger RVs and passes down his current model to a new owner, much the same as a hermit crab does when it finds a new shell.

Writing to Valentine Games

Pedro has been writing to Valentine Games long before either of them joined the ILB, having met in the Baltimore Aquarium during a childhood vacation. They two became fast friends and began their correspondence with enthusiasm as soon as Pedro arrived back home. Since then they have exchanged letters frequently, even when Pedro moved to Baltimore full time and the two of them joined the Baltimore Crabs. When Valentine Games was traded to the Jazz Hands for Tot Fox, and they were apart once more, their letters kept them tied together.

In season 7 when Pedro played as the only unstable player of the Baltimore Crabs under the effects of the eclipse, he wrote a letter to Val realizing it may arrive posthumously. Due to the fact the Houston Spies, Val's team at the time, having a conflicting game, Val was unable to be there in person for Pedro. In fact the Spies put out an uncharacteristically straight forward statement confirming that, "There is absolutely no way that we could have sent Valentine Games to Baltimore, you can clearly see the footage of him in our game against the Flowers. It would be absurd to think anything else could have happened in that game".

After the Crabs were called up Val received one final letter from Pedro written before the fateful game, but has continued their half of the correspondence by dropping off letters at the Telescope to await the Crab's return.

Writing Home

After a moving to Baltimore and joining the Crabs Pedro began keeping a written correspondence with his family back in Puerto Peñasco. They are reportedly just "not that into sports" so Pedro makes a point of keeping them abreast of the latest developments in the ILB, though usually focuses on his own accomplishments, and leaves out the accomplishments of certain other star players. In an excerpt of one of his letters to Valentine Games he admins that, "I know it's not the whole truth, and they can watch the games from where they are, but who doesn't brag a little when writing home, Val?"

Writing to Goobie Ballson

An unexpected Pen pal, Pedro began writing to Goobie shortly after the 12 game series that the firefighters played against the Crabs in season 8. While Pedro maintained his usually writing style in these letters, Goobie primarily sent short letters, often consisting of single words. Reportedly Pedro has received: A mix CD made by Goobie A cool rock he found A label from a local brewery bottle Items from the gift shops of other team's stadiums (that they both play at regularly) One package of sticky hands A collection of Chicago Firefighters merchandise to decorate Pedro's RV

Outgrowing the Shell

While in the Big Leagues, Pedro outgrew his current camper. Rather than risk getting ingrown into this one he decided to perform a complicated ritual using all the resources available to the Crabs to try and rework his own carcenization.

While it is unclear whether something went wrong with the ritual or the Olde One couldn't reach the Big Leagues effectively, the result was a molt that took a significant toll on his body. Before his next game his teammates Silvaire Roadhouse, Luis Acevedo, and (unfortunately) Evelton McBlase II put together a serviceable exoskeleton before the next game, and have since worked on a combination of retaining/improving mobility, pruning malignant carapace, and adding some strict "improvements" such as the wings (a work in progress) or trying to make it more comfortable for Pedro.

Regardless of the outcome Pedro has said he is committed to keep on keeping on. Admit it or not, but he still carries the team.

In Literature

Crabs Poet Laureate Runolfio Peeper wrote the following about Davids:

Pedro much enjoyed his PhD So all his peers were quite surprised to see That he descended from the ivory tower And swore himself unto a deeper power.

When asked about this sudden daring choice Pedro replied, “In Crabs I do rejoice! I seek to marry knowledge from my studies Into communion with my ten-legged buddies.”

Now, on the field Davids is the man Whose back is tied unto his caravan. So in the Crabitat or Astrolome On any blaseball field, Pedro’s home.

UnabashedlyRose (talkcontribs)

Reminder - add "what appears to be a human skull" to the list of things that Goobie has sent to Pedro