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Lore Jam Suggestions

Ian Gitax (talkcontribs)

- Randy went pro relatively late in his career, owing to familial obligations and a string of bad luck in his early 20s.

- Randy met his partner (who needs a name) when he almost took his head off busting through a rusted-out section of the Memphis Redbirds batting cage. His partner is a CPA, and was working in the Redbirds financial office at the time.

- Randy is from just outside Memphis, and his partner is a Brazilian ex-pat, and they have VERY strong and VERY different ideas about what barbecue should be.

- Randy considers his accidental drafting to the Tigers to be, "the second-greatest thing that ever happened to [him]. Third-greatest. Fourth. No, third, the kids count as one, no... Don't- don't print this part."

- Tigers management has insisted that both Human and Metal Randy must be referred to in all official Tigers documentation as 'Randy Castillo', in keeping with the "Double Randy Rule" that allows both of them to play a single position without enraging the umpires. In order to keep them straight for bookkeeping and so on, Tigers employees have taken to writing Human Randy's name in block lettering, and Metal Randy's name in a script so cursed it bears no name.

ElloElloEllo (talkcontribs)

Added: gave Randy's partner a name of Brazilian origin as using a placeholder felt awkward. Can always come back for discussion of this at another time.