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Ian Gitax (talkcontribs)

- Paula is a lesbian, but we have no established history of any relationships she's had since she became a player. Even though there is a plethora of Masons throughout the league, there are no indications that she has a family relationship with any of them.

- Paula is a cat person. In the role playing realm, Carmelo came upon an abandoned pregnant hellkitty while out on a bike ride. With encouragement from Paula and Mummy, Momcat (name to be determined later) is now resident at the Home Plate. She occasionally goes in and out this plane of existence and manifests either four or six legs. Kittens are expected to arrive some time after the Siesta ends.

- There is a possibility that Momcat may be related somehow to the Millennials kitty, Millie.

- Paula has a personal shrine in her room honoring Persephone, Hecate, and the Lady Bast. - A possible home game promotion may be a custom Tlopps card with Paula and Mummy on motorcycles. Their leather jackets are labeled with their motorcycle club name. The club name possibilities could be Hades' Grannies, or Hecate's Homebeings.

- Paula is not grim, except when it comes to fascists and patriarchs. They receive no quarter from her.

- Paula's Violent Lightning custom flavor is Five Alarm Fire Eater. Along with the violence and lightning, the blend has pomegranate, blood, habanero pepper, the tears of anguished patriarchs, and a couple of drops of authentic Chicago malört.

- Since Paula arrived in Hades, the fragment of Landry in her continually grows stronger and more influential. Right now, the most noticeable effect is how she plays the way he used to play, like drawing walks and stealing bases. Eventually, she might adopt his mannerisms. She already has the fire eater modification so it's only a matter of time that she becomes magmatic. - We are building upon the information in the wiki that has mentioned a connection between Paula's music and the lightning above the stadium. It looks like Paula's music will include a heavy metal guitar solo that summons Landry's spirit or even Landry himself. The most likely time for Paula to do this is if she eventually goes beyond a fire eater to fully magmatic.

- Aside from blaseball, maybe she'd gravitate towards others who had relations to and/or influenced similarly from Landry. She might like her coffee an Americano, but she's not above trying...whatever it is Landry drank. Talking to her might be strange for long term Tigers like Ren or Randy, cause sometimes when she talks they can't help but imagine things like "Huh that's something that he would say" and so on and so on. She'd visit the museum where we keep Scorpler's headphones and the remains of Moody's cookbook. She'd feel a tinge of melancholic nostalgia, but she doesn't understand why. If Paula M ever interacts more with Paula Turnip, this could be extremely interesting to explore how Landry nature affects their relationship.

- Her relations with the other Tigers would for the most part agreeable, aside from Aldon. She has a good on field rapport with him because they are next to each other in the batting order. Off the field, she's not really comfortable with vim. It may be a combination of her perceiving vim as somewhat immature and being too extravagant.

- Paula is a serial protester, and lately she relies on Aldon to make bail for her