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Ian Gitax (talkcontribs)

- Carmelo Plums can shapeshift.

- Her shapeshifting abilities include turning from a clown into a hulking golem-like form. This form may or may not be Yeast Mode, which is Carmelo Plum’s special move that allows her to exponentially grow in size.

- Carmelo Plums is going on a bit of a personal journey to discover what it truly means to be a tiger, as well as their individual identity. This character arc has been dubbed The Proofing, since Plums feels like she has to Prove herself.

- They have not yet settled on a definitive form. Finding a form that feels comfortable for them is part of The Proofing.

- Original name was Caramelized Plums, but it ended up being Carmelo.

- Plums is fine with all pronouns.