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Alter Eagle (talkcontribs)

-Rhys, Meadows, and Sandoval were good friends who had all spent a good chunk of their life in Moab
-compared to Sandoval's solar affiliations and Meadows' psychopomp status, Rhys was kind of just a normal dude but a lot of folks who remember him recall him as a happy, jokey kind of guy
-Rhys' adaptation if any is unknown, and was not made obvious while they were alive.
-Since being relocated to the Hall, Rhys has physically changed to survive the conditions there
-As Rhys has grown accustomed to existence in the Hall he now runs a radio station, which can be picked up both in the Hall and on the Immaterial Plane, though with no degree of reliability
-Rhys has stated on his radio show that despite everything, he does like it down here, and considers the Hall his home

About Rhys' abyssal radio:
-Rhys has said he relies on the Monitor to bring new musical material, but he's slowly building up a nice collection
-sometimes other null team folk will make a guest appearance
-Rhys will take requests and let anyone make a shout-out on the broadcast to family or friends.
-Rhys' radio voice is still flawless despite his highly modified anatomy