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Kieren (talkcontribs)

There has been some talk to build some more lore for Hurley, here's the proposal for some new info (that would need to be made into a proper wiki entry):


> Florist who knew flower language and communicated with it sometimes (as like, both the flower meanings but also the language the plant people in Boston speak).

> Sometimes Pacheco put flowers in her hair for good luck. (That didn’t help him in Hawaii though)

> Made great bouquets.

> Ran a flower shop near the portal to Hellmouth that Alyanabella took over seasons later.

> A sibling of Nerd Pacheco, they weren’t super close tho. Wanted to reconnect but then Hurley died.

> Had the most ribs of any player in the Chaotic Good league due to being around Moab when the Hellmouth opened (wanted to visit Nerd after the season 1 ended, they didn’t end up meeting cause all of the chaos) that mutation also gave Pacheco some straw body elements so they were more flammable 😔

> Played blaseball since they were a kid, joined the Flowers for obvious reasons (florist in Boston).

> Was very good at the splort.


> Margo: Nava and Pacheco were a good blaseball duo

> Beck: Pacheco was Friends with Whitney. They bonded over the love of plants.

> Dunn: Pacheco knew Keyes before they joined the ILB