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Sibrmetrics are statistics that have been created to help evaluate player performance in Blaseball.

Below are a list of statistics and their definitions that are tabulated in the Compendium of Blaseball Advanced Statistics.


Wins (historical) Above Tokyo Lift, a wins above replacement (WAR) analog for blaseball. This statistic estimates the cumulative win value of a player's performance on offense or from pitching above that of a replacement player. For offense, batting performance and baserunning performance relative to league average are added up along with the seasons' value of the average player above replacement, then the value is converted into wins based on a formula. For pitching, the pitcher's runs allowed are compared to the expected average runs allowed based on opponents and their defense. This run value is then added to the average above replacement value and then converted into wins.

To generate the value of the average above replacement for a given season of blaseball, we use the season 11 Tokyo Lift as a replacement team, and model how many wins fewer than average they would have won. A model (negative binomial) is fitted to the relationship between the strength of a team's roster in Stars and it's win total for each season, the historical season 11 roster of the Tokyo Lift is inputted into that model to predict their win total. The wins below average are then credited as the win value of the average player in that season above replacement. In this way the amount of replacement wins increased over the course of blaseball's history(starting at 0 when all teams were around replacement level) .

Offensive WhAT

A core component of WhAT is the use of linear weights to convert counts of performance (Home Runs, walks, stolen bases, etc.) into a run value. A linear weight is effectively the average of how many runs occur in an inning after a given game action is performed. Hitting value for WhAT is measured in Batting Runs (BATR). Batting Runs utilize linear weights to determine how many runs a players performance was worth relative to league average performance given the same amount of plate appearances. Further, Batting Runs are adjusted based on the parks and leagues the player played in. Baserunning (BsR) is similar, assigning runs relative to a league average performer given the situations the player was in on the base paths. The main components are value from stolen bases (wSB), avoiding double plays (wGDP), and advancing on balls in play while on base (UBR). The players share of replacement runs are credited per plate appearance.

Pitching WhAT

The primary aspect of pitching WhAT is simple, how did the pitcher's average runs allowed (RA9) compare to the average runs scored by the teams they faced(RA9opp)? Unfortunately for your favorite internet statistician, Defense Really impacts Performance(DRiP), and needs to be accounted for. The value of Defensive Runs implicitly Prevented (DRiP) is estimated and then subtracted from the pitcher's average opponent to effectively create the ERA of an average pitcher with an average fielding team against the opponents (RA9avg). Linear weights return to help us estimate the value of fielding that the pitcher received. First Baserunning defense is accounted for by measuring the value of stolen bases and extra advancement that occurred while the pitcher was on the mound (this is fBsR, double plays are not included due to pitcher shakespearianism being considered the driving factor). Next the run value of balls in play allowed (wBIPA) is taken into account. Because pitcher and fielders are both responsible for this statistic, a composite between the team's overall wBIPA and the wBIPA when the pitcher is on the mound is created. This either shrinks or expands the amount of runs credited for the fielding based on whether the fielding was better or worse than when the given pitcher was on the mound (ex: a pitcher that gets more ground/fly outs than team average will get relatively more run prevention attributed to themselves). Similarly to overall run scoring, the of the average opponents ball in play value (wBIPAopp) is compared to the composite value. The fBsR and BIPruns saved are added to create DRiP, and along with park factor, adjust the run environment the pitcher faced accordingly. Finally because pitchers more directly influence their run environment through their performance, the runs per win calculation is dynamically calculated based on innings pitched per game and how many runs are allowed (this effectively helps good pitchers and hurts bad ones).


PF - Park Factor. A statistic that measures the degree to which a ballpark's characteristics influence scoring. Derived by calculating runs scored and allowed at that park. compared to scoring of the same team on average at other parks. Greater than 1 indicates more scoring than average, below 1 indicates less scoring.
WAA - Wins Above Average - Same elements as WhAT, just without replacement runs added.
R_SWEPT - Runners Swept away from Immateria.
SPAWN - Sproutella's Adjusted WhAT Number. An index for career performance generated by taking the mean of a players peak and career WhAT scores. A peak is defined as the sum of the best 5 seasons by WhAT. Variations include SPPAWN (where seasonal WhAT is scaled to a fixed Plate Appearance count), SPAWAAN (where Wins Above Average is used instead of WhAT), and SPPAWAAN (fixed PA count and using Wins Above Average).


PA - Plate Appearances. A count of all of times a player comes to the plate to bat and is either put out or becomes a runner.
AB - At Bats. A subset of plate appearances that don't end in walks, getting hit by a pitch, or a sacrifice.
H - Hits. Batted balls where the batter reaches base and no outs are made on the play.
BB - Base on Balls, or Walks.
SO - Strikeout.
R - Runs. Times the player crosses home plate.
TB - Total Bases. The number of bases a batter reaches through Hits (Singles 1, Doubles 2, etc.).
BA - Batting Average. Rate of hits per at bat.
OBP - On Base Percentage. Rate of reaching base per plate appearance. Excludes reaching base on Fielder's Choice outs.
SLG - Slugging Percentage. Rate of Total Bases per at bat.
OPS - On Base Plus Slugging. Sum of OBP and SLG.
BABIP - Batting Average on Balls In Play. The rate of Hits on balls that are batted into the field of play. It's batting average excluding home runs and strikeouts.
wOBA - weighted On Base Average. The linear weighted value of all plate appearance outcomes by the batter divided by number of plate appearances. Scaled so league average is league average On Base percentage.
wRC - weighted Runs Created. The sum of linear weighted value of all plate appearances by a batter.
OPS+ - OPS plus. Onbase (OBP+) and Slugging(SLG+) that is adjusted by ballparks played in and compared to league average and then added. Higher indicates better than league average.
wRC+ - weighted Runs Created plus. weighted Runs Created per plate appearance, adjusted by subleague and ballparks played in, and compared to subleague average. Higher indicated better than league average.
WhAT_PA - WhAT adjusted to the seasons median plate appearance count (excluding ghosts).
wRAA - weighted Runs Above Average. The sum of linear weighted value of all plate appearances above average with that same number of plate appearances.
BATR - Batting Runs. wRAA adjusted for subleague and ball parks played in.
BAT_RE - Batting Run Expectancy. The sum change in Run Value caused by the base out and run scoring of the players plate appearances.
RS - Runs Stolen. Count of times a player stole home.
wSB - weighted Stolen Bases. The net weighted value of Stolen Base attempts by the player above average given the number of times the player was in position to steal a base.
wGDP - weighted Grounded into Double Play. The weighted value of double plays that the player batted into above the league average given the number of times the batter could have hit into a double play.
UBR - Ultimate Base Running. The weighted value of advancement during balls in play while on base above the league average given the number of times possible to advance. Also includes scoring during immateria floods with flippers, and runs gained from blaserunning.
BsR - Baserunning Runs. The sum of wSB, wGDP, and UBR.
RC - Runs Created. The sum of wRC and BsR for a team. How many runs a team ought to have scored given the measured performance.
AB/HR - At Bat to Home Run ratio. Average length between at bats that a player hits a dinger.
BB/SO - Walk to Strikeout ratio.
TTO - Three True Outcome rate. The frequency a players plate appearance ends in a walk, home run or strikeout.
ISO - Isolated Power. Slugging percentage - Batting average. How often a player hits for extra bases (and how many).
BB% - Walk Rate. Percent of plate appearance ending in a walk.
SO% - Strikout Rate. Percent of Plate appearances ending in a strikeout.
BB%+ - Walk Rate plus. 100 x Walk rate divided by league average walk rate. Higher indicates more walks than average.
SO%+ - Strikeout Rate plus. 100 x strikeout rate divided by league average strikeout rate. Higher indicates more strikeouts than average.
BABIPp - BABIP plus - BABIP over league average BABIP. How often compared to average are a hitter's batted balls converted into hits.
R/G - Runs scored per Game.
RC/G - Run Created per Game.
RPW -(0.75*9*League Runs/Inning)+ 2.75. Calculation of expected runs to earn a win.
SEC_Ent - Count of times entered a secret base.
SEC_Ex - Count of times exiting a secret base.
IBB - Intentional Walk.
HBP - Hit by pitch.
BARUN - Batting and Running average. How many runs a player would be expected to create in one Plate Appearance. The sum of Batting Runs, Baserunning Runs, and the league average runs per plate appearance, divided by number of plate appearances.
BARUN+ - Batting and Running average plus. BARUN compared to the league average run per plate appearance, and then scaled by 100. Tells you how much better at creating overall offense than the league average this player was on a rate basis.
HStars - Hitting Stars.
BRStars - Baserunning Stars.


DER - Defensive Efficiency Rate. Rate at which balls in play are converted into outs.
wBIPA - weighted Ball in Play average. The linear weighted value of balls in play over total number of balls in play.
fBsR - the fielding components of baserunning defense, wSB and UBR prevented. Negative indicates runs prevented above average.
DRiP - Defensive Runs implicitly Prevented. Sum of baserunning and weighted balls in play run prevention. For players this allocated evenly to each player for each game where they appear.
DRiP/9 - DRiP averaged per 9 innings.
DRiP_PA - DRiP averaged per plate appearance.
WhAT_DRiP - WhAT added to a players amount of DRiP converted into Wins.
WAA_DRiP - WAA added to a players amount of DRiP converted into Wins.
Defense Rating - Fielding Stars.


PA - Plate Appearances, aka batters faced.
SHO - Shutout. When a pitcher allows 0 or fewer runs in a game they started.
IP - Innings Pitched.
RA - Run Allowed. Count of runs scored while a pitcher is on the mound.
ER - Earned Run. Runs allowed; except runs scored by baserunners allowed by a pitcher that leaves a game are credited to the original pitcher, not the replacement. (this is only the case for seasons 9-13 and 15-24 due to upgrades in datablase allowing for it)
ERA- Earned Run Average. The amount of earned runs a pitcher allowed averaged over 9 innings.
RA9 - Runs Allowed per 9 innings. The amount of runs allowed averaged over 9 innings.
FIP - Fielding Independent Pitching. A statistic that scores the pitcher on the results of the "three true outcomes" of a plate appearance, home runs, walks, and strikeouts, where no fielding is involved. It is scaled to the league average ERA, so a "good" FIP should look like a "good" ERA.
WHIP - Walks and Hits per Inning Pitched. Baserunners per inning.
E-F - ERA-FIP. Gap between actual runs allowed by a pitcher and estimated runs allowed based on solely pitcher-dependent outcomes. A large gap tells you that balls in play are a significant source of runs.
H|HR|BB|SO/9 - Rate of a given outcome occurring averaged over 9 innings.
H|HR|BB|SO% - Rate of a given outcome occurring averaged per plate appearance.
H|HR|BB|SO /9p - Plus stats of a given 9 inning average stat. Plus indicates the given outcome occurs more frequently than league averages.
H|HR|BB|SO %p - Plus stats of a given per plate appearance average stat. Plus indicates the given outcome occurs more frequently than league averages.
ERA- - ERA minus. 100 x ERA adjusted by parkfactor divided by subleague ERA. Lower indicates a player is performing better than league average.
ERA+ - ERA plus. 100 x Subleague average divided by the players rate adjusted by park factor. Higher indicates the player is better than league average.
FIP- - FIP minus. 100 x FIP adjusted by parkfactor divided by subleague ERA. Lower indicates a player is performing better than league average.
FIP+ - FIP Plus. 100 x Subleague average divided by the players rate adjusted by park factor. Higher indicates the player is better than league average.
RA9opp - Opponent Runs scored per nine innings. The average runs scored by a pitchers opposition.
RA9pf - RA9 adjusted by park factor.
wBIPAcomp - Composite weighted Ball in Play average. wBIPAteam+((wBIPAteam-wBIPA)*BIP/BIPteam). Team rate of allowing value from balls in play adjusted by the rate for an individual pitcher.
cwBIPAsaved - composite wBIPA saved. wBIPAopp-wBIPAcomp, Run value on average the opponents team derives from balls in play minus the team's adjusted rate at allowed value on balls in play.
dRPW - dynamic Run per Win. ((((18-(IP/G))*subleague ERA)+((IP/G)*(RA9/park factor)))/18)+2)*1.5. Estimation of how a pitchers performance alters expectation of runs per win.
RA9avg - RA9opp-DRiP/9. Expected RA9 given the opponents faced and the fielding backing the pitcher.
ERAAA - Earned Run average Adjusted Above Average. RA9avg-RA9pf. Positive value indicates how many runs per game a pitcher was able to prevent above average.
RAA - Runs Above Average. Total Runs prevented above average.
RAT - Runs Above Tokyo. RAA + replacement runs.
RAT_TUN - Runs Above Tokyo and Tunnel Runs.
WhAT_IP - WhAT adjusted to the median pitcher innings pitched.
WhAT_TUN - WhAT adjusted to incorporate Tunnel Runs stolen.
OHRA - Overhanded Run Allowed. Runs allowed where unruns scored are reversed into regular runs.
OHERA - Overhanded ERA.
T_RUN - Runs stolen during Tunneling.
wTUN - weighted Tunnel Runs. Amount of tunnel runs stolen above average tunnel runs stolen given the number of Home Innings unpitched (HIUP) for a pitcher.
HR_H - Homerun to Hit Ratio.
XBHIP% - Extra-Base Hits In Play per hits in play. Percentage of extra-base inside-the-park hits divided by all inside-the-park hits.
GROUNDER - Count of ground ball outs.
GROUNDrt - percentage of plate appearances ending in ground ball outs.
FLY - count of fly balls allowed.
FLYrt - percentage of plate appearances ending in fly ball outs.
GtoF - Ground ball out to Fly ball out ratio.
HR_Hp|XBHIPpp|Grtp|Frtp|GtoFp - Plus stats for the above rate or ratio stats. 100 x stat divided by league average. Plus indicates the given outcome occurs more frequently than league averages.
C_Swrt- C_Srt/Sw_Srt. Ratio of called to swinging strikes.
SwC_Srt - 100*(SWINGING+CALLED)/STRIKES. Percentage of strikes without any contact.
SOCH - Charm Strikeout.
BBCH - Charm Walk.
SOMT - Mind Trick Strikeout.
BBMT - Mind Trick Walk.
TSO - Traditional Strikeout.
TBB - Traditional Walk.
BASEBB - Base instincts Walk.
PStars - Pitching Stars.