Lotus Mango/IF-56.067

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The player known as Lotus Mango is composed of two discrete entities: A Model L5-CR63 (Construction Robot) produced by the now-defunct Lotus Co., and a mango tree (Mangifera indica). Examination of the robot has revealed extensive wear from time and exposure to the elements, with numerous repairs having been made over the course of their Blaseball career. According to reports made by team captain Stijn Strongbody, the two “have created a sort of symbiotic relationship [...] Aside from supplying each other with energy, they’re almost connected on a deeper level than physical. Separating them would be a bad idea.” Additional investigation has shown that the connections between the mango tree’s nervous system and the artificial intelligence of the robot mimic the interconnectedness of the human brain. Additional research to investigate this phenomenon is pending.

Affinity for Blaseball

Despite their original function as a construction robot, team members have noted that Mango has taken to blaseball surprisingly well. Lift fans attribute this to the fact that “lifting I-beams all the time isn’t that different from lifting a bat, if you think about it.” Any attempts to investigate Mango’s source code for more information have failed, as in addition to poor style practice and numerous sections of code that seem to be entirely unused, the code seems to rewrite itself at a rate that makes any live analysis impossible.

Personal Life

Neither Mango herself nor her teammates seem to know her exact age, though radiocarbon dating suggests the mango tree was planted approximately 50 years prior to the start of Season 1. Mango has shown close attachments to all members of the Lift and is reported to be a strong force for promoting mindfulness and positive mental health practices among the team. Mango frequently lacks the ability to communicate vocally (likely due to a mechanical failure) and instead communicates primarily using sign language.

When not playing Blaseball, Mango has often been spotted in the mountainous areas to the northwest of Tokyo. When approached by fans, she will invite them to sit with her in silence, and observe nature. Those who participate in this ritual report feeling “oddly comforted. I mean, she’s just a robot with a tree, right? But I feel like she gets me. I might have to try this on my own sometime.” When Mango was approached for comment, none was given.