Hades Hellions

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The Hades Hellions are one of the Hades Blittle League teams associated with the Hades Tigers.



  • Jocasta "Stony" Blythe
  • Brick Newton
  • Darla Blanche
  • Ferocity Johnson


  • Guppy Springs
  • Althea Lambden

Team Lore

The Hades Hellions were formed after local librarian Vito Mueller inadvertently summoned willing players while trying to organize a community book club. He later ended up becoming team manager after the fancy font he used for the book club posters turned out to be a mystic binding ritual, thereby putting the team under his care. When not at practice, the team can usually be found in the rec room of the Hellfire Library Branch, seeking out snacks and new team members.

Team captain Jocasta Blythe is a former player of the Second Circle Scamps, the Hellions' sister team. They left after a devastating breakup with the Scamps' star pitcher, swearing a vendetta before joining the Hellions.